The woman in the blue coat draws all the attention – not only in Baden’s old town alley, in the stands on Friday night, but also nationally: as a puppet master for the cancellation of an Initiative. A Premiere in the Swiss democracy.

Marianne Binder (60), Aargauer CVP-President, councillor candidate and, most recently, grandmother. It glows, it speaks again and again of a historic victory. Right: On Wednesday, the Federal court declared the vote on the marriage penalty-the Initiative of the CVP to be invalid. This was mainly to abolish tax disadvantages for married couples. For invalid was explained well, because the Federal government had been informed with the wrong Numbers.

Cinematic appearance in Federal court

One of the Complainants Marianne Binder. “This was a film ripe in Federal court. The long stairs, the hall, the judge – impressive,” she says. “The only thing missing was that they were wearing wigs.” Binder tells a lot, verbally and on paper. Writing is her passion. It is in the blood, as well as the Politicizing. Her mother is a writer, her father CVP-Nationalrat.

But back to the marriage penalty. In 2016, the people had rejected the CVP Initiative nearly. A reason for this: the definition of marriage in the initiative’s text as a “living community of a man and a woman”. “Until the vote fight that has disturbed anyone,” says Binder today. Not even party members that are gay, and later had decided to reject the Initiative.

Binder knows no compromise

“It was never about the definition of marriage,” says Binder. And no, homophobia do not let yourself to blame. “For myself, it does not matter who marries whom.” And it is in favour of marriage for all, as long as it is a majority. “But to be consistent, on a constitutional level, because this means, then, not as now by Law provided for “the right to marriage for all”, but honestly even the “right to children”.”

If you are, then right – Marianne Binder knows no compromises. Not when it comes to politics, because “in life, everything is politics.” And also not when it comes to feminism. Therefore, you will also find that the current women’s movement sets the focus to parallel societies. “While we are investigating here every crosswalk on gender justice, the suffering of other women in urpatriarchalen systems – that is cynical”, does that bother you. And tells of a letter to friend from Iran, which “disappeared in 1979, under these blankets,” and your whole future, your outgoing nature. Therefore, the Binder is fighting against the Burka. “This is a through and through feminist claim, finally, this sexualisier and discriminatory cloth and a scandalous intrusion into the Dignity of a woman.”

women need to set itself Apart by boxes

opposite of “false tolerance” of these things, tie, women would have to in this country take their destiny more in the Hand, if you want to stay in male domains such as politics. “If you are still 67 percent of women don’t go to the ballot box, you can’t be just the men to blame,” she says. “I grew up with three brothers and never had the feeling that there is a difference.” On The Contrary. “But, of course, you need boxes.” And politicians have taught them a thick skin. “It was not always easy, but not a good Practice, always do everything personally.” Women must assume male traits to succeed in politics? “Yes,” Marianne Binder. “And men accept it so that you can trump it with female characteristics.”

Binder’s simple, when it comes to the photos. The mother of two adult children is used to the spotlight, playing with him. Prior to her political career, she was a cabaret artist and television presenter. Binder professional through and through, but also for an all-star cast is not too bad and helps a group that is on a scavenger hunt to find the next Item. What is tactically and what spontaneous is. Once the Binder remains on the verge of a house in which you once lived, right next to a famous culture locally. “It was comfortable to read in bed and listen to in front of the window, the loud music and the chatter.” Binder is lively, has a disarming openness, Temperament.

The dusty Image of the party do not Polish

What all of this actually fits: on the slightly dusty Image of their party. Exactly this might have to brush up on the Sensitivity. By help of the CVP in the case of a re-vote on the marriage penalty to a victory. Because you’ve still got an ACE in the Sleeve: “In the national Council identical, the initiative is pending, without the marriage Definition.” Binder would find it the “most elegant solution”, the Parliament this, she says.

In the autumn, the Council of States elections are to be held then. Among the candidates of the parties on the Federal Council she is the only woman.