And now to the point that there have been a provisional winner.

For while the vast majority of carry out the challenge by means of kung-fu-like kick, is Mariah Carey gone to the task with a slightly different technique.

In the video at the top of the article manages the singer, who is known to be able to hit the very high notes, namely, to sing the screw cap of the.

In just a day, the video has been viewed almost 23 million times on Twitter, and several thousand have expressed their enthusiasm for Mariah carey’s previously hidden talent.

‘It is over. No one can tops this,’ saith the appreciative from the Sony Music Global’s official Twitter profile.

And sangkollegaen Rita Ora backs up:

‘You win!’

The 49-year-old singer is far from the only celebrity who has taken up the challenge.

Also profiles as a Justin Bieber and Jason Statham have undertaken to get skruelågene of quite utradionel show. The same has ‘Go’ morgen Danmark’-the hosts Adam Duvå Hall and David Guldager.

Some are doing, however, the challenge on the more superior view than the other.

for Example, the Bulgarian footballer Dimitar Berbatov chosen to give #BottleTopChallenge a little twist, as you can see below.