Maria Zakharova on the evacuation of Russians from China:

“the World today has been called a new epidemic, but was not ready to answer it. And if the international establishment will not make a fundamental conclusion about what the theme should be at the forefront of international politics, I don’t know where we will move further”, — said the Director of the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”, commenting on the situation around the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19.

“I was embarrassed to read the German media that the main event made comments evacuated by the Russians, who do not like the conditions in the plane”, — said Zakharov.

In this regard, she noted that in recent years the Western world was in search of the main challenges and threats. They were looking at Russian hackers in pseudokoningii attacks on London and the surrounding area, the Russian hand in the electoral processes. “But come the real world threat is the epidemic of the unknown virus without the antidote. And instead of recognizing the European community that we didn’t pay attention to real threats and not thought of ways to counter them, the West found a reason – talks about how you can improve the comfort level of export boards, which are engaged in the evacuation,” — said Zakharov.

In fact, according to the representative of the foreign Ministry, our Embassy in Beijing worked out unprecedented. In the center of an epidemic threat to their own lives and the lives of their loved ones were sent the employees of the Russian Embassy in China and diplomats from Moscow. They were directed to not just check the lists on the phone, and to help raise compatriots on the infected province and take them on the bus.

“Everything has been calculated: the choice of aircraft, time, place and method of export. It is a question not from the point of view of political expediency, but from the point of view of preserving their own security people and the population of our country”, — said Zakharov.

It’s aboutTotila that even the American media wrote about the conduct of Russian unprecedented action to evacuate its citizens.

the spokesman said that the Americans primarily were evacuated from the contaminated area and its officials and not ordinary citizens.

Zakharov was noticed that China is faced with major threat of coronavirus in its territory in the midst of celebrating the New year and have taken unprecedented steps. The Japanese government even within the same airliner were not able to develop a clear strategy to contain the spread of the virus.

in addition, the foreign Ministry spokesman stated the fact that China is in the difficult time faced not only the problem of the spread of the dreaded virus, but the information aggression. “And I’m glad that Chinese officials can record, turn inside out and placing its population, talking about the mechanics of the preparation of these fakes, stuffing, panic and misinformation,” — concluded Zakharov.