‘How are you leaving the only life you have known?’

so begins Maria Sharapova a touching essay in Vanity Fair and Vogue, in which she says that she put the racket on the shelf and end his career. 32 years old and after 28 years in a sport she loves dearly.

“I’m new in here, so please forgive me. Tennis – I’m saying goodbye,” writes Maria Sharapova, before she looks back at a career that has featured very much.

the Participation of the major grand slam tournaments, where she has five titles, duels on the track with the utmost, just as she also reached to be the number one in the world. Now, however, it is over.

And it is due to the Russian’s body no longer can keep up with, she says and refers to an episode back in august at the US Open.

“Behind closed doors, 30 minutes before I went on the track, I had to be treated in the shoulder in order to carry out the fight. Skulderskader is not something new for me. I have been operated several times – in 2008, again last year, and I have spent countless months in physical therapy,” says Maria Sharapova, and continues:

“Just to step on to the field the day felt as a victory, when it just should have been a step on the way. I will not share it here to get pity, but to tell about my new reality: My body had become an obstacle,” writes Maria Sharapova, as many enough will also remember as a player, that beat very loudly to the balls.

She turns too fast, that she was going to miss the sport every day.

She was going to miss the fighting, the lines, her team and håndtrykkene after the fighting – whether it was after a victory, or a defeat. At the same time, she says that she looks forward to living a life that is becoming more freely.

“There are a few simple things, I am really looking forward to: Ro with my family. To be able to relax in the morning over a cup of coffee. Spontaneous weekend trips. Training, I choose (hello dance!),” writes Maria Sharapova, who in his career repeatedly crossed swords with Caroline Wozniacki.

The two had not always the best history, and they were several times in battling outside of the track.

Among other things, in 2016, where Maria Sharapova had been tested positive for doping after the use of the banned substance meldonium. Something that led to a quarantine of 15 months.

“As athletes we always make sure that there is something that can bring us in such a situation,” said Caroline Wozniacki, among other things at the time, which got the Sharapova camp to answer hard again by, among other things, to call Wozniacki and Radwanska for the journey but who have never won a grand slam’.

The strained relationship was once again on display along the way in the 2017 edition of the US Open, where the two stars in the media hit out at each other in a case about the allocation of lanes.

In January last year, Caroline Wozniacki, however, that she and Sharapova, as such, had nothing against each other, and the two sides also praised each other’s strengths in their meeting at the Australian Open.

They also met also in an exhibition match in september, where the mood was good, and they ‘had fun’.