Adviser to the election campaign of US President Donald trump Jenna Ellis compared the voice of the candidate in Vice-presidents from the Democratic party Kamala Harris with the voice of a character from the popular series "the Simpsons" Marge, the latter had "excuses" that in politics it is usually not climbing, but this question is it "got mad".

According to CNN, Ellis played a joke on Harris, saying that her voice is like the voice of Marge "Simpson". In response to the official account of the episode on Twitter was posted by the movie where Marge "reacted" for comparison.

"I don’t usually go into politics, but the senior Advisor to the President Jenna Ellis said that the voice of Kamala Harris, same as I have. Lisa (middle child in the Simpsons family in the animated series – ed.) says it’s not like a compliment," said Marge.

"Like a regular housewife, I start to feel that towards me was disrespectful," added character, confessing that she’d say rougher because he was angry, but fears that obscene word "zapikayut".

The series "the Simpsons" released in 1989, the show’s characters, besides Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie and Bart, repeatedly became celebrities, and creators of the cartoon often respond to the global agenda.

In 2016, the creators of the series have repeatedly beat in their commercials about the presidential campaign. So, in one episode, Homer sees the future of the USA after winning trump’s presidential elections: a symbol of new York and the United States – the Statue of liberty is destroyed in the country the invasion of monkeys.