has handled 90 million dollars For the Geneva agricultural trader Louis Dreyfus, the last year for almost 19 billion dollars, such sums are Peanuts. For the nearly six billion Dollar Patronne Margarita Louis-Dreyfus (56).

For a recently established Start-up as Motif of Ingredients $ 90 million in a first round of financing, however, a lot of money, even for American standards. Even if it works on nothing less than the “future of food”.

food from the bioreactor

But Louis Dreyfus has in common with the dairy giant Fonterra is investing from new Zealand $ 90 million in the Start-up Motif Ingredients from Boston. Also billionaires like Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Alibaba Creator Jack Ma, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos and Mukesh Ambani from the Indian petrochemical giant Reliance, whose daughter are celebrated got in just in St. Moritz, GR, your Bachelor’s Party.

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they all want to be, if in the bioreactors, the Motif of new foods and new food additives. If new proteins the diet to a new biological Basis. If genetically modified bacteria to create new flavors. On Twitter, Gates already dreaming of a livestock economy, without the need of a methane-emissions – and of a system of farming that does not contribute to deforestation.

cooperation with sugar farmers

But why is Agro-Traderin Margarita Louis-Dreyfus in the case of the Motif entered? So why is a trading house of agricultural goods in the production of biotechnology-derived ingredients? Firstly, How many commodity traders also trying to Louis Dreyfus, the value chain to vertically centralize to be so even in the production. The company works directly with sugar growers and has its own sugar processors.

Secondly: “The demand for plant foods, Meat substitutes or Non-dairy is increasing, thanks to a growing awareness of the health and environmental benefits of plant-based food options for consumers,” as Kristen Eshak Weldon, the innovation Director at Louis Dreyfus says. Want to be called: Change the consumers, you must also change a agro traders.

“key role in the diet”

Thirdly, and finally, Eshak Weldon is convinced that “the herbal ingredients of the next Generation of the Motif will play a key role, in order to feed a growing world population in a sustainable way”. The step is part of strategy of Louis Dreyfus to support disruptive solutions, which would allow businesses to new consumer needs.