He was the high Flyer in the Swiss men’s Team. After six gold medals at the world Junior Championships has established itself Marco or Matt with two podium finishes at the last two giant slaloms in the last Winter, also in the world Cup.

high-altitude flights was about the Nidwalden actually also in his private life. “I made some time ago that I want to make in addition to the handicap in Golf, and the boat exam is also a glider Brevet”.

The approval for the Golf course he now has in the bag, also the theory test for the motor boat has an “Odi” in the bag. But the Plan of the glider, the 22-Year-old has put flying aside. The main reasons for this sad event, which happened almost a year ago in the Grisons – at the 4 is. November 2018, the departure of Talent Gina Luca “Bari” Barandun crashes during a training flight with the paraglider in the death.

“Baris death has changed my attitude to life. It helps me really aware of how quickly everything can be finished. That’s why I made me too, during the car ride to the phone,” says Marco.

Barandun has spent or Matt in the summer of 2018, especially a lot of time: “Until then, we had no special rapport with each other, but then, we have completed together in Magglingen, the athletes of the RS.” And therefore, there is hardly a day, or Matt Gian Luca Barandun thinks passes as before. “In my home a picture of the Bari hangs on my helmet, an adhesive is placed with his name.”

And, especially in the summer training, or Matt from the memories of his RS colleagues and recharge your batteries: “If I’m in a tough interval unit to my limits, I always think about how Bari has placed in such situations is still on the accelerator. These thoughts motivate me every Time to fight.”

The first race in Sölden was Marco or Matt, although still not as desired. But in Overseas in November of the Nidwaldner want to really open the throttle. Also in memory of Gian Luca Barandun.