Marco Odermatt won the last World Cup race of the season, a victory lap for the Swiss star skier.

In the first race of his favorite giant slalom discipline, the new World Cup champion was 0.20 seconds faster than the previous World Cup champion. Odermatt, the Olympic champion in giantslalom, has already won four of seven World Cup races this year.

Odermatt was closest to Lucas Braathen, Norway’s nearest challenger. He was followed by Justin Murisier and Loic Méillard from Switzerland who must make up at least half a second in the second run.

Henrik Kristoffersen was the only racer to win this season’s giant slalom. He was one of three starters who didn’t complete their first run.

Odermatt should finish his season at Meribel in the sun. He doesn’t start in the slalom, which will close Sunday’s World Cup Finals meeting.