March without masks

At the foot of the Pushkin monument in tradition and activists. Inhibit usually for five minutes – waiting for his metro. Someone deploys the flags. Cheerfully and evil is joking about the power. Take pictures – and then go down to the beginning of Passionate Parkway. Where waiting the traditional metal detector.

Over the heads of the police rushing megaphone: “Dear citizens! We remind you that in accordance with the second paragraph of article 6 of the Federal law number 54 the participants in the public mass actions are not entitled to hide your face! Including prohibited the use of masks, means of disguise and other devices…”. But immediately after the part abut the guys with the cameras were, shooting at point blank range. What is violate? And, of course: employees on duty.


On the patch between the frames and the head of the column, formed a group affiliation. Here – orange flags of “Solidarity” (Boris Nemtsov have created this movement in 2008). Here – black-yellow-white “imperi” around them young men with the slogan “the Right alternative”, “the Third force” and obscure runes. Here’s a strange flag with a crown and a brick wall the priest, “the Dmitrovsky district of the city of Moscow”! And most people just go by themselves, not in order.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

the head of the column already closely: it’s OK, everyone is trying to go forward, and the column is worth it. The audience of all ages, from 16 to 80, say roughly about the same, only the older mate do not swear, and speak the literary language, and the younger on the contrary: Mat (not all!) say, philippic authorities sound in high style.

I don’t fucking know, fucking rally! – practically screaming woman in a fashionable jacket, forced his way through the crowd with my daughter about five years old. Apparently, to class… – Who say, move quickly!! – this is to the girl. It was the most aggressive scene of the procession. Unlike bystanders who had gathered peacefully set.

– Right, you can’t go near the Stalinists, Marinochka! – convinces girlfriend lady of about 60.

– And we have the same neutrality – laughing friend. We don’t go to them, they to us!

– But Artemy Troitsky into the third, – at me children he was working, I belonged to Trinity, but that he now bears! And, most importantly, the Mat through every word.

– …maybe, Lebedev, and not Trinity?

– of course. I’m confused. Artemy, main!

floats Next to Tolstoy and Solzhenitsyn beard squint Sergei Mohnatkina – almost 10 years ago, an ordinary passerby on triumph was in a police bus and became, after serving, political activist. Generally, a March in memory of Boris Nemtsov in this time was primarily a procession in support of political prisoners. So for the sake of brevity and hlestkost the opposition referred to all the defendants in criminal cases on extremist and terrorist, according to investigators, organizations and mass disturbances.

– If Yeltsin handed over power to Nemtsov, as they wanted, the country would be very different! on fire, argue with each other middle-aged men. – Girls, come here, and then stammered! Go! Go!


I wish I worked quietly, says little girl to his companion. Cold, starting to snow, caps the girl is not provided – hair crease pity, beautiful.

– come on! – cheers guy. – Well, not write. Know diploma the shame of the family!

a number of more students: well-dressed, in expensive glasses. “All of us can run, says one. Now remember, when we are on Lenin pasted the sticker…”.

– he Promised my mother not to engage in political activism! – this is another pretty girl, just not with long hair, and “the typewriter”.

Well, that’s not activism! – solid-says the guy thatsomething pasted on Lenin. Is… by the Way, Masha is yet to come! Call? We need to find Sonya, and Schneider. Right now they have quick start!

a Little farther from the head of the column even more students. “I was dragging a large banner, it kapets heavy!” – enthusiastically said into the phone guy. – A column no, because Dima was late for an hour!”. The guy is a classic hat in felt in combination with leggings and sports jacket.

the Dress code for the March in General is extremely diverse. There are two basic trend: full utilitarianism (mostly among older men – in Opera to the rally and to the country in the same) and desperate fusion. Cowboy hat, pink vest, cashmere coat with sneakers – independence as a way of life. Boris Nemtsov remembered for the same.

– He was not a scoundrel! So it is impossible to do politics? Well, that’s why he was a great man!

Shortly after the start of movement is lost the network, begin to correspond and broadcast video to the Internet. Over-reaching and then rise selfie stick with expensive phones.

– How pathetic! – grumbles a young man in a light cashmere coat. Why don’t you buy a normal shafts? Now the flags are all the poke in the face.

in Addition to the familiar flags, new. That white-green, with Oriental ornaments: “Some Mujahideen went!” – surprised in the crowd. There are flags of Ukraine, and black anarchist.

– Freedom to political prisoners! almost immediately after the start began chanting. – The freedom of the Networking business!

And not just: – the Germans, the hero of Russia!

– the Last burst of freedom was in Novocherkassk in which there is… the sixty-second year! – said high handsome man with a gray buzz cut under a shapeless hat.

– two nights I spent at the White house in ‘ 91, there was also freedom! – objected to the man in the cap, shorter and older. – It is a pity that at the Lubyanka, blaine was only a statue! We had the whole Lubyanka over the rocks to roll, it was nAsha Bastille! But failed…

the Proletariat and the Musketeers

construction of the restaurant pop out workers – they too pointed their smartphone, but easier. “Workers, you here!” – shouting protesters. Laughter from all sides, including from the workers.

– Stop robbing the people! unlike slogans about political prisoners, the slogans had no support. “Where is the people? – shouted in response to someone. – No people!”

– How?! – exclaimed several voices. – We are the power! Want in Paris! Want in Paris!

And from the following “care” friendly, rhyme:

– One for all and all for one!

Parties and movements go to the parade: the first group with a large waist and slogans, then the supporters. Slogans: “no to Torture!”, “Empire is evil”, “Freedom Shestun” (this is the former head of the Serpukhov district of the Moscow region, arrested in the conflict with the regional security officers).

the Client to a pulp!! – shouting from one column. To listen – that in fact “Customers to answer.”

Another slogan: “Perpetual protest” (such a community, coordinate promotion of summer 2019), “My Russia is sitting in jail”, “Fascists are not terrorists” (smart brand, the antifa movement, it is a fact). And lots and lots of specific names of accused/convicts.

Closer to the tail: “Ukraine, we are with you!”, the support group of the Crimean Tatars – and just behind them the representative “the Apple”. There – the entire top of the party Grigory Yavlinsky, Sergey Mitrokhin, Evgeny Bunimovich… and again unorganized protesters. Here begins the homemade signs: “For humane drug policy”, for example.

And on the side along with all are people carrying a long, one hundred meters, no less – the Russian flag. Exactly the same as carried on the famous rally in the spring of 1991, only ten times already. Width with the usual carpet. Running carried the flag, placing it one hand, just like wearing a hump at the solemn funeral. However, different such to carry the flag fails.

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