March 8 at the Voronezh tower will the flowers bloom

International women’s day in Voronezh tower will Shine in a special way. It is reported by the GTRK “Voronezh” with reference to the press service of the Voronezh branch ortpts.

Festive illuminations will run for three days – from 6 to 8 March in the evening (from 19:30 to 22 hours). Bright colors will fill a postcard to March 8: the tower of the “spin” people’s patterns and blossoming flowers. As told the experts of the radio-television transmitting center, almost 99% scenario, the backlight will be original, not previously demonstrirovalsya videos.

Note, the backlight on the TV tower is lit during the holidays from the end of 2018. The illuminations are trying to constantly change. For example, on May 9, residents of the city saw the ribbon and fireworks on the city Day – a card, “I ♥ Voronezh” and on New year snowfall and fireworks. To 77-anniversary of the liberation of Voronezh from Nazi invaders on the tower also showed the fireworks, and by February 23 it “dressed” in camouflage.

Text: GTRK “Voronezh”