March 15 marks the 90th birthday of Zhores Alferov

In all ranks and positions Zhores Alferov remains first and foremost a scientist. Photo: From the book “Zhores Alferov”/ publisher “Louis” / 2020

the Parents, the words of Zhores Alferov, the second child in the family was expecting a girl. And even a name – Valeria. But on 15 March 1930 in Vitebsk maternity hospital came to light it. To the son-the firstborn did not feel lonely with the name of Marx, the father of the second and found the right one, with the same proletarian international message – Jaures.

Gorincoi – called mother, Zhorik and Zhora – the same as myself, the boys in the yard. And he, a little growing up, wore with pride their own, anyone not like the name. And maybe even then something important about ourselves understood.

44-m when there was no news from his brother, and then came the funerals, insisted that prematurely took the young Communist League and wrote in Komsomol ski battalion to finish off fascism and revenge for Marx.

the War was finished without him. And he has understood: the revenge motif is not creative. As unconsciousness is a sin for any believer, and no. Himself an atheist is not considered, however, religion and science, faith and knowledge are always inflexible and were bred for different rooms. Cavalry past the atheist father when he became a grandfather, is not admired, but at its roots, and the maternal line is always kept.

And when did the Nobel prize and on it converged the rays of spotlights, made in Berlin, near the streets of Einstein, Heisenberg and max born, a street was his idol, the founder of the Institute academician Ioffe. In your particular case, it is the proletarian slogan moved to science, and gave an example to the others.

Left without a party, which dissolved itself in ‘ 91, Alferov in any other not already entered. Decided once and forever: “My party – Academy of Sciences”. In the Duma fraction of the Communist party he had listed himself as the last BAASpartina a Communist, and his voice from the parliamentary rostrum – was the voice of open protest when he flouted the interests of the majority and undermine science.

Lev Gumilev his formula passionaries brought before. But I read and feel like wrote a portrait of Zhores Alferov.

Sunday, March 15, will celebrate the 90th anniversary of his birth. In St. Petersburg, Academic University, will gather colleagues and friends. There will be presented the book “Zhores Alferov”, which was published in the famous series “Portrait of the intellect” (published by “Louis”) with a gallery of copyright fotorobot Sergei Novikov and rare photographs from the family archive Alferov. Along with this memorial edition includes the last interview and the article Zhores Alferov, published in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. At the request of the compilers of the books and journalists, “RG” portrait of academician Alferov added their colors, knew his colleagues.

When the lab was crowded, jaurès and his friends-colleagues brainstorming staged in nature. Photo: From the book “Zhores Alferov”/ publisher “Louis” / 2020

Yuriy GULYAEV, academician of Russian Academy of Sciences:

He was among us, leading

So it was that in doctorate, we went with Mr in one year: first him, then me. Alferov defended in Leningrad, and I – in Moscow. And opinion as a leading organization, his thesis came to us in the Institute of Radioengineering and electronics of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Head of the Department of physics of semiconductors Sergey Grigorievich Kalashnikov requested this review to prepare for me.

Now look back and realize when I had my first, even the theoretical possibility to annoy a colleague, hold a Fig in the pocket, make all the “goat.” That is at least one smear or drop of tar mark on the canvas that he made in the science for 40 years. Nobody knew that thirty years later, the PhD candidate will be Nobel Laareata. And the opponent and the opponent to find spots even in the Sun. But, alas, apart from some stylistic errors and one or two, not exactly decorated to the fault in his thesis was not what.

And if in fact, the scope and depth of his work made an impression not only on me and my colleagues. Zhores Alferov was already proposed to implement a semiconductor laser of double heterostructure of gallium arsenide with aluminum. And soon it literally made a revolution in the methods of transmitting, receiving and processing huge amounts of information.

Photo: from the book In St. Petersburg will install a plaque Zhores Alferov

In contrast to the theorists, which includes himself, Jaures was an experimentalist. And his resourcefulness organically combined with leadership qualities and in everyday life, and in the area of science, which Alferov chose for himself. The ringleader in the company of friends, he was leading and at work. A research team under his leadership have in fact set a new global direction in electronics – electronics heterogeneous land mass. Recall, for example, as miniature microwave amplifier of microwave signals, which plays a crucial role in the cellular phones.

Not all know the principle of cellular telephony was offered by firm “bell” in the United States in 1943. But for a long time, a transmitting / receiving device for such a mobile radio communications (what are now called cell phones) were very bulky, mainly because of the heavy amplifiers signals within the range of microwave and other Elamantov information processing. In the best case, they barely fit in the trunk of a car and had to separate himself from the people (subscribers) with a special protective screen.

And only once in 1969 Zhores Alferov and his team have created a miniature microwave amplifier, and in my lab and, in parallel, in several laboratories abroad managed to get a miniature microwave filters on the so-called surface acoustic waves, it is possible to place the cell phone in a handbag or pocket with ease.

Royal reception for Nobel laureates. Stockholm, 2000. Photo: From the book “Zhores Alferov”/ publisher “Louis” / 2020

And only once in 1969 Zhores Alferov and his team have created a miniature microwave amplifier, and in my lab and, in parallel, in several laboratories abroad managed to get a miniature microwave filters on the so-called surface acoustic waves, it is possible to place the cell phone in a handbag or pocket with ease.

However, it will be almost twenty years before in Moscow will ring first cell phone – in the usual sense, and we Zhores one day feel themselves free.

Today the inhabitants of our country of over 300 million cell phones are “mobiles” as they say. However, all of them foreign production. Why Russia was never able to establish a competitive production of their cell phones, arguments were many, and to repeat them is not desirable. I can only agree with what has been said by Zhores Alferov at the Second Congress of people’s deputies on 14 December 1989 – after in Moscow rang for the first cell phone from Nokia company. Many will remember his words with the Kremlin stands, what we have built “on the basis of the most materialistic in the world of philosophy the idealistic in the worst sense of the word, in the world economy.”

Jaures was very concerned for the Affairsas in native PTI, where he grew up as a scholar and where he was forced to leave, to give everything, as he said, “the last song” to bring up a new type of educational complex – Academic University school. It is definitely man-made monument, which he erected and which shall not be destroyed.

Autumn 1973. At the Department at LETI. Photo: From the book “Zhores Alferov”/ publisher “Louis” / 2020

Valery CHERESHNEV, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences:

As from everyday life to make a holiday

Zhores Alferov reminded me of the actor Jurassic, from which the viewer is always waiting for something unusual – such that it is impossible to predict. Madrugas the Bureau of any meeting could completely turn the situation to direct the conversation in a completely different direction. It’s all knew and waited – some with curiosity, others with some fear.

If he was leading the meeting, it was not boring ever. And that his “separateness” was manifested even in small things. Could come to any meeting in a black shirt. Or that once – in cellular. Yes, a tie with palm trees. “Zhores Ivanovich, who are you so dressed up for?” – “What is it? I like”. The next day comes in a normal suit: “you See, criticism is perceived”. And laughing.

Alferov often visited in the Urals. But really he opened up to me in ‘ 99, when I arrived in Yekaterinburg to the Demidov prize. The award ceremony was held at the residence of the Governor, and Zhores Ivanovich had just returned from America and looked “not by our standards”. Jacket from corduroy or velvet, very thin, which emphasized his dashing slim, crisp white shirt, tight pants and black sneakers with thick soles – they are at each step the stage is slightly springy.

He, like the rest of the winners, wear a ribbon, handed out awards, congratulate and give flowers. He takes the bouquet and all of a sudden jumps off the stage… Not the ladder down, and just jumps EXTout in the hall. And on the first row sits Tamara Georgievna, and he to her, almost on his knees presents flowers. Other laureates also wife in the sitting room, but no one guessed, and Zhores Ivanovich did not deliberately, and very sincere. And most importantly – wife submitted. Under the applause as if he gave her his success.

All winners have made a reply. And Zhores Ivanovich began traditionally: “the Urals – the land of the masters, and Leskov Lefty with one of the first Demidovs written off”. And suddenly the question to the audience: “you know what Demidov Demidov does not, and Antufeeva – lived in Tula, a city of gun runners?”

And go to the people and told the story of how Antufeeva steel Demidovii.

His “separateness” was manifested even in small things. Could come to a meeting in a black shirt. Or that once – in cellular. And a tie with palm trees,

I can also remember our joint trip to Stanford University. Arrive in San Francisco, go to the center, and we met… the city of students. Zhores Ivanovich says: “Look, what a beauty! I want the same!” In front of us – the academic building, away – nine homes, close cottages. Stadium with tartan running track… And suddenly – what is it? Again pushing: “Look!” The trees open lawn, and on it… Look: Yes, it’s the sculptures of Rodin! “Gates of hell”, “the Bronze age”, “Eternal spring”, and another, and another… How can this be? In the Paris Rodin Museum – we were there together there are about eighty. And then the full congregation, as it turned out, the 110 works. And all the originals! It turns out, the gift of the Rockefeller Foundation Stanford University. Zhores Ivanovich says: “Holy smoke! That student runs past this beauty – he is thinking? About its physics. And the beauty of it is affected…”

will appear In St. Petersburg a garden Zhores Alferov

In General one for two white envy. Only Zhores Ivanovich – and even specific ideas of how the trick “raise”. Take the same Nobel conference – when Alferov in 2003 in St. Petersburg gathered two dozen obelisktheir winners and on feasts of intelligence, not all of his idea realized. Such a waste! After taking guests on the highest level. Yes, like that in Russia never was, but why? Zhores Ivanovich replied, “And let our young scientists and students will see that Nobel laureates are people. Not gods pots”.

so he raised everything he undertook. Set the bar higher. Or maybe just wanted to not casually life was rolling, and there was always something unusual. It was a surprise. There was a feast.