the virologist is in order, Marc Van Ranst insists that everyone is provided with surgical masks, at this moment in time is not necessary. According to the expert, we are now at a stage where everyone is nervous and there is an auction coming to action. “However, these measures need to be meaningful. As every community is different, politics are going to carry, then it will not,” said Van Ranst, in The Seventh Day.

as of Tuesday, that is, the ability to coronatests to be rolled out to 10 000 tests per day. “The capacity is there. Everything is done”, said the minister, Philippe De Backer, who is currently the group chairman, who with the shortage of surgical masks and testing operations. Now it’s wait for the experts to determine who will be tested.

Backer said that over the past ten days, about 22 million people in surgical masks, in our country, it has arrived. Most of them have been approved, according to Open Vld’er. Of the 7 million masks, that is, Friday in Liege, arrived and are currently being tested.

out of the collective transfer

At this point, it is, according to Van Ranst is not required, a collective of masks to wear. Today, for example, a sufficient distance from each other, there are a lot more meaningful. “The lines of the World health organization, it is quite a good line,” said Van Ranst. If the measures are to be scaled back, and we will be back in greater numbers to go to the store, or take public transportation, then that is a different phase of its development.

Van Ranst has confirmed that it is in the pharmacies, shortages crop up, but it is not an exaggeration. “The deficits are falling, but they are not comfortable”. De Backer said that, there are essential medicines, a stock of two-to-three weeks with them, “but we do”. What, however, is, according to the prime minister that our country, a lot of pharmaceutical companies, and that there are a lot of hubs in pharmaceutical companies are available. For the future we will also be talking to businesses for surgical masks and medicines to make here, the prime minister is still on.

Van Ranst denies that it has lost to the disease. A sharper action, either before or after the skiing holiday was, according to him, it is not feasible, practical, nor a political one.

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