Marc Trauffer: Since I live pretty remote in Brienz, in the Bernese Oberland, I rely completely on the car. I practice privately, for business and of course for the music. Depending on whether I’m on tour, I’m going for 40’000 to 60’000 kilometers in a year.

Definitely my Smartphone, and the accompanying charging cable, because I do business calls frequently on the road.

A VW Camper with split windscreen! Earlier, in my wild Phase with a Skateboard under his Arm, went for a drive, the colleagues and I in an old VW Bus, have even slept in it. I have many beautiful memories.

The VW Camper remains a dream that I’ll someday come true. But sponsorship or not: If I is allowed to drive the new cars from VW as the Touareg, is already really cool.

Suzuki Swift GTI. I was 17 and gained in the Mason doctrine. Since I still had no driving licence, were allowed to drive my colleagues from our youth band – the name was fitting, “Airbäg” – variety way.

As the same Band we bought later a small Bus. One day we filled up our tank of petrol. Unfortunately, the delivery of the Bus with Diesel and not far.

Schafseckl, an emal! Me in the rain on the drive in the 80s Tempo 60. If I’m still late, bring me on the palm. I race but never!

I tend to be a Fan of cars that make noise. And electric is not yet quite so far: If I from Brienz to Zurich and back to drive, it would be suboptimal for me. I’ve been in the business a Hybrid car, I am thrilled.

If I have a drink after the show, a glass of red wine, I’ll have me a ride and enjoy the also.

So I get no Trouble, I say now, Gölä. Otherwise, I get one in the Sack (laughs).