The belgian football Marc Coucke is hoped that there will be no hasty decision about the future of the Belgian league. “It would be a shame to have to choose the one that we have the league shut down, and soon we will be able to hear that they’re international, and have decided to do is to resume,” he said in the VTM program can Continue to be in your Room’. The Anderlecht-chairman, was also aware that some of the players, spontaneously, more than one month to surrender.

Marc Coucke know in this day what to do. Not only does it include pharmaceutical companies, more than ever, as the Anderlecht-chairman, he is also in the midst of a discussion about what to do with our main competition.“Let us be clear: public health is the number one priority. There are in all of our clubs are agreed,” said Coucke. “On the question of whether and how the season is finishing, there is, of course, be a matter of discussion. Also at the international level, there is little thought of, and there are all sorts of ideas have been raised. The one wants to have the season close on the 30th of June, and the other is extended up to the 31st of July and 31st of August, or even September. You will hear all kinds of things.”