I love the great air here in Zurich. This is something from the very First, I realize that. As I came out of the airport, I felt the fresh air. The lake also. Zurich is a very clean city, I have the feeling.

It was terrible at the beginning! It hurt so bad, all my dreams are bursting at the Moment. It took a few years before I could accept it. At some point, I’ve seen what I can achieve anyway. I always wanted to be a runner, like the other big athlete that Kenya has produced.

It’s a great life, better than I had, as I could see. I was able to show the world that disability is not a reason to be able to Large. Therefore, I am today also for the Foundation’s “light for the world,” which has helped me at the time, for the visually Impaired.

(laughs) in the beginning It is not easy at all. My Hand is full of little scars, I’m brought down to the beginning of a lot of. But I love running, I’ve always said: “I am born to Run.” Today, it is, of course, to run with my Guide, Paul. He guides me, he helps me, I trust him. Meanwhile, our heart beats during the race in the same rhythm.

It was not my first experience on an international level, I knew we could run with two Guides, the alternate, so I had a just and was too quick for him. But he has done his Best, and we won. The world record we missed by 3 seconds. But later we have cracked it yet. I respect all of my Guides: they are the let me Shine. With Paul, I work for ten years. We are like twins.

What I have achieved in the last 24 years. My family, my supporters and my medals! I met my wife when I was already blind. And the Same goes for the reward for all my sporting achievements. I’ve seen my medals.

no, not at all. I want you to see how I am changing during the race. I start with a Laugh and I’m exhausted.

not Yet! I wanted to Raclette eating, but Paul told me not to (laughs)! He meant that I should wait until after the Marathon. I’m not used to so much cheese.

I would like to run under 2:40 hours. Margaret Njuguna, a runner, which I promote in my country Kenya and I have been training, was at the Boston Marathon in 2:38 hours 20. I would like to be similar to that of my training partner. And I would meet the Limits for the Paralympics in a year.

Yes, Schwarzenegger has helped us a time, sewing machines for a school in Nairobi. And Boris Becker has sponsored us cows. This was a project, thanks to the Kenyan families now.

no, it’s not. But he is in Kenya famous. For this project, he is a bigger Star than for his Tennis career.

in 1995, the Shoe salesman Henry Wanyoike blind after a stroke overnight. He is depressed, his jaw frozen, for months. He dreams of becoming a runner and makes this dream come true. At the Paralympics he wins from 2000 to 2008, three times Gold. He holds the world record in the 5,000 m, 10,000 m and the half marathon distance in the category of fully blind. “From Zero to Hero” (From zero to hero), Arnold Schwarzenegger has described this career. Wanyoike is married, has four children. He is committed to the organisations “light for the world”, “Seeing is Believing”. Famous he is in 2000, when he drags at the Paralympics in Sydney, its pumped in Guide. After a car accident three years ago, he believes, to be “at 80 percent efficiency”.