Objects that in March when I was here last time, not built today are being built in full swing, – said Khusnullin. – The work is organized well, but there’s plenty of it. One problem – a short time. Here’s a short summer, so the organizational work should be carried out around the clock. A number of objects are interrelated: the need and the way time was repaired, and failed network engineering. It is very important to make a good improvement that people felt in the city better.

In particular, the district of coal Miners Deputy Prime Minister saw the construction of 13 objects. The largest school on 1275 seats – built by JSC NK “Rosneft”. Reinforced concrete frame building is ready, the professionals install Windows, are external insulation of facades, interior decoration, installation of internal engineering communications. Part of the work financed from the regional budget: the construction of access roads and lighting of the adjacent territory. Schedule respected. According to Marat Khusnullin, by September 1 of the school really take.

Put this year into operation and the infectious diseases ward of 28 beds Tulun city hospital. It at his own expense erects PJSC “Sberbank”. Here ends the device of the trench, the foundations, the Assembly of the housing. To connect the offices to the engineering networks from the regional budget allocated 30 million rubles. Contracts with utilities providers. Grid connection will hold by mid-July.

adjacent To the construction site completely ready three-storey house at 66 apartments for people who lost their homes due to flooding. Left to do landscaping: asphalt roadway, install lighting, benches, flowerbeds. Under the contract this work will be completed in mid-July. Close started site preparation for the construction of six buildings on the 496 apartments. On it are blasting. Soon will start the creation of foundations. To pass the house in operation is planned for the New year.

In 2021 in the district will complete the construction of two more objects. This is a kindergarten for 140 places, on the construction site preparation works. OAO Gazprom is building sports complex with an ice arena. Received a positive conclusion of state expertise, on-site preparatory work has started.

the Acting Governor Igor Kobzev has noted that the work in Tulun was and during the regime of self-isolation of coronavirus. Builders were issued a special permit. According to it, all employees from other regions are two-week observation at sites and in the places of residence of specialists in compliance with all required security measures:

– We need to strengthen the work, and we do it. We narasu��be the pace of construction, summing networks and landscaping.

Kobzev agreed that there are places where still, as noted by Deputy Prime Minister, not refined. This local area, public space of the roadway. “It is necessary to strengthen the work cause the roads in order to make a layout, install bus shelters. The neighborhood should be considered as a single object. With the contractors that will sabotage the work, we will investigate separately, connecting the law enforcement unit, said the acting Governor.