In mid-afternoon of June 26 it became known first turnout figures for voting on amendments to the Constitution of Russia. According to the CEC, the first day of nationwide voting turnout was 9.2% – we are talking about the voters who voted online, and home-based on early voting. These figures dispelled fears of some experts who said earlier that the epidemic is coronavirus and the economic difficulties can overshadow the constitutional issues. The turnout may achieve the performance in 1993, when entered into force the current Constitution, and even surpass them, said in an interview with “MK” political analyst Marat Bashirov.

Almost 10% for the first day of voting is very good, it is noticeably more than expected, – said the expert. – There is a feeling that the voters are very active, and it gives you the opportunity to compete with 1993. Dynamics, again, very encouraging.

According to Bashirov, many before the vote predicted low turnouts — for a number of reasons, primarily as a result of the epidemic of the coronavirus and economic difficulties. Such important and adverse circumstances could displace from the agenda the topic of constitutional amendments — especially since the turnout is not set. However, these fears did not materialize: the turnout promises to be high. Partly this could be due to the fact that the economic crisis is that rather effectively docked, partly played the role of a significant political consciousness of the population.

you Cannot compare the political condition of the Russian voters in 1993 and now, – said Marat Bashirov. – In the early nineties we were demoralized by the breaking the habitual life of the framework, not fully comprehending what was happening and could barely understand Russia’s national interests. Now the situation is quite different: social priorities of the state is obvious about their President Vladimir Putin recalls almost every week. And, as a result, the voter understands that we have something to defend, something to be proud of. So, I think, and in the following days of voting, the voter turnout will be quite large.

Recall, the vote on the constitutional amendments was originally scheduled for April 22, then postponed because of the epidemic of the coronavirus. It runs from 25 June to 1 July inclusive, and in the first six days, the polls are only for early and started voting. In Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region also operates electronic voting — to participate in it, you had until June 21 to submit an application on the portal.