PepsiCo also intends to demand higher prices from German retailers in the near future. As the company confirmed to the “Lebensmittel Zeitung” (LZ), the new sales prices should apply from October 1st. As so often in recent months, the “considerable increase” in production costs is given as a reason.

“We also foresee a shortage of essential raw materials such as carbon dioxide, which will lead to further increases in costs,” explains the manufacturer.

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This is apparently having an impact on the Aldi Nord range: According to LZ information, the Pepsi products are becoming increasingly rare at the discounter. The retailer has also removed Pepsi from its range overview on the website. When asked, the manufacturer did not want to comment out of “respect for our trading partners”.

Only a few months ago, Pepsi was able to end a long price dispute with the Edeka supermarket. The products were no longer on the shelves here for around six months before an agreement was reached. The next few weeks and months will probably show whether Aldi Nord and Pepsi will also be green.

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