Also Mango wants to help the current Corona-pandemic curbing. For this purpose, the Spanish group will use its logistics to supply protective masks. As more and more people around the world are affected by the Covid-19-Virus, the medical Material is concise and the help is urgently necessary.

Against Corona: Mango donates protective masks

In a press release announced the company, “in the next few days, two million protective masks donations”. Thanks to its logistics Mango wants to deliver the masks to various hospitals in Spain, as they have currently, barely more than the “necessary medical equipment”. More is explained in the message that you think is for the distribution to the requirements of the Ministry of health in Spain.

While many people can just operate Social Distancing and via the home office to do their work, it is the medical care staff that is working tirelessly against the Virus and for the diseased people. These Doctors, sisters, nurses, and co. supports Mango in addition to his respect: “With this communication, Mango, on behalf of its more than 15,000 staff would like to acknowledge the extraordinary work of all the people who belong to the medical staff in Spain and against the COVID-19 fight, and you Express your thanks.”

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Prada Mey & co.: Also, these companies help the health care

Not only Mango currently supports the healthcare system, but also many other groups in their logistics and production facilities, the fight against Covid-19 available. So, the German with shared Laundry label Mey in one instagram post, “in the production of a functional mouth and nose protection to enter.” This protection is made of cotton and thus has the advantage that it can be washed at 90 degrees and used again and again.

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The Eterna Mode GmbH has already switched some time ago, its production to face masks for medical workers and Sufferers. Already on the first day, so 13,000 of the much-needed masks could be produced. On Instagram explains: “Currently, the production is allowed only for Slovakia, but we are working hard to make the legal conditions and compliance with the rules on delivery in the Rest of Europe possible.”

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another German company that manufactures currently the protective masks, Development . On the Website the daughter of the owner said that it is currently producing two versions of the masks. Here, too, the focus is to provide the products to hospitals and other medical facilities.

international companies currently offer the best possible help. For example, the luxury company Kering proclaimed to belong to the subsidiary companies such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen , to focus on the donation of three million protective masks.

The fashion group Prada made in the next few weeks also respiratory masks and medical scrubs. The Spanish company Inditex , including Zara , uses its production sites, in order to produce mouth protection masks. The Swedish fashion giant H&M announced on 23.03.2020 to provide Doctors, nurses, nurses and other staff in hospitals and other health facilities protective clothing available. the LVMH supports the French health care system, by creating instead of perfume disinfectant.

no Matter whether Fast Fashion companies or companies from the luxury sector. In the current Situation all on your own Probably back, to work together against the Virus.

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