If you are a Red Devils fan, you were probably a little stressed over the team’s form regarding the last decade or so. The sudden absence of Ferguson was something the club had trouble getting past, and 1xbet.com/en was present in many occasions by providing bets to the supporters; and ever since he left, there were lots of coaches try to manage United into the powerhouse it was before:

  • David Moyes was the first one, supposedly handpicked by Ferguson himself;
  • Van Gaal also gave the seat a try, but wasn’t very successful neither with the tactics nor the available squad;
  • even Jose Mourinho himself tried to lead Manchester United back into winning regularly, but he too succumbed to the pressure;
  • and now Solskjaer is guiding the team into what seems to finally be a long-term project.

Can he succeed in managing this oh-so-very-special club, that after decades of domination is having trouble finding the path to its old glory?

The Red Devils should not feel too dissatisfied at this point, because the team is winning regularly and Bruno Fernandes adds valuable quality to the squad. Ever since he came along, the results have been magically appearing and there are lots of happy bettors at 1xbet.com/en very pleased with his performances! Who could tell in advance that the attacking midfielder could have so immediate success at the club?

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Alex Ferguson himself often comments on the situation lived by the club, as he is aware of the importance his presence has in the morale of the squad and also all the supporters. There’s actually a great portion of the fans who would gladly take him back, just as how Scholes was also available to take on another half a season for his favorite club ever.

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There’s still a lot to be played this season, and the Red Devils are certainly aiming for big results this season. The ascending curve of the progress they’ve been having so far is about to come to a climax very soon. So, keep checking football online with 1xbet and, with time, we’ll be celebrating a new Manchester United championship just like in the good, old days! Long live the Red Devils, long live Fergie, and long live the Queen!