The salary of the CEO of the SBB, Andreas Meyer (57) there is to continue to talk. After the new transport Minister Simonetta Sommaruga (58, SP) had clearly called for a reduction of the salary by four percent, were the waves of the SBB.

It was Monika Ribar (59), which was behind Meyer. In a letter, had contacted the SBB Board of Directors, the President, apparently before the decision of the Federal Council. In it, she explained that the danger of the threat, Meyer might leave the company, he should not receive the requested wage. Currently the CEO of the SBB, earned just over a Million Swiss francs. Explicitly, the speech is in the “NZZ” of a “separate Letter” of Ribar.

From the LOOK addressed, in the case of the SBB: “There is no separate Letter from Monika Ribar to the Federal Council, but a written replacement of the entire Board of Directors SBB with the Owner, detec and FDF. Thus, the Board of Directors of SBB substantiated in advance the proposals to the Board of the General Assembly.” More SBB do not want to say.

SBB-leadership and the Federal Council on one line

it is a fact that The Federal Council is expected to be by 2020 “a reduction of the maximum remuneration of the Supreme governing bodies” of state-linked enterprises. So it had been decided by the Federal Council under Doris Leuthard (55, CVP) already a year ago. The leadership of the SBB knew.

According to media reports, the CVP Federal councillor with the SBB had identified-the Board of Directors that the “expectations” of the Federal Council concerning the chief of compensation should only apply for the next CEO. So Meyers should be salary secured, as long as he is in office. A Federal Council close source is now saying opposite VIEW, that there have even been a collusion. between the SBB management, Leuthards Department and SVP Federal councillor Ueli Maurer Already yesterday, Monday, the media network CH Media reported of collusion.

On the agreements referred to, wanted to give the SBB to LOOK at specific questions, no information.

the policy calls for transparency

On the Bernese political parquet, the “Deal” of the government, with the SBB-a guide for red heads. “If the government secretly granted suddenly an exception for the CEO of the SBB, makes you lose credibility,” says Adrian Wüthrich (38), SP national councillor and President of travail Suisse. With this exception for Meyer trust in the SBB will be damaged and a corporate culture not promoted, the yoke to a public Service company.

The President of the national Council’s traffic Commission, the SP-national councillor Edith Graf-Litscher (55), irritated: “My knowledge is still that of the Federal Council limited all the wages of the heads of state-linked enterprises from 2020, with a maximum of one Million francs. This should now have changed, I expect the state government.”

Meyer is still credible?

Antoinette Weibel (49), Director of the research Institute for work and working environments at the University of St. Gallen is aware of the pitfalls of the remuneration from the inside out. The limit for Executive pay at state-linked enterprises could be well over a million Swiss francs. “More importantly, how wages kommun are confiscated,” says Weibel. Ultimately, the questions of whether the wage of a Manager was understandable and what was cited as justification.

For the Solothurn city of the President and the FDP national councillor Kurt Fluri (63) the CEO of the SBB, but it is precisely here that a bad case of: “It would be really immaterial whether Mr. Meyer earned a few Thousand francs more or less. The Federal Council would have to take this decision but in order not to be far-fetched.”

New start-up against high wages

what is Clear is that The wage debate will deal with the Parliament and the Federal Council. SP national Council and the Unia-the trade unionists Corrado Pardini (53) to think aloud about to take a new initiative against “rip-off salaries”. Already in 2016-filed Motion of the SP national Council urged that state-linked enterprises should be established a wage ceiling of 500’000 Swiss francs.

The Council of States submerged Pardinis initiative at the time, because Ueli Maurer to the Council the ceiling of a pay-ment by the Federal Council promised. Since the Covering does not appear to be specifically enforced, could turn the tide again.