– It is an amazing honor to get to take over the management of its oil wealth, and a great responsibility to make sure Norway’s and all their savings, ” says Tangen on the link from London, where he works on a daily basis.

He describes himself as one who always has been interested in finance.

– I’m a modest sørlending and have been interested in finance since I was a small boy. I went with the paper, and selling flowers in restaurants and put money in the stock market, ” says Tangen.

– This is not only a dream job, my, it is guttedrømmen my, ” says Tangen.

He says he was contacted by a hodejegerfirma about the job, and that he immediately was interested. He will according to plan enter the position at the beginning of september.

Tangen was born in 1966 and has økonomiutdannelse from the Wharton School of Finance and master’s degrees in art history from the Courtauld Institute of Art and organizational psychology from the London School of Economics. In addition, he has been Armed russiskkurs.

the Pliers will move home, tax to Norway and have london as the place of work when he starts in the job Oljefondets chief informs Norges Bank.

Manages with billion-success

the Pliers head in the day of their own investment company AKO Capital in London. The name AKO is composed of forbokstavene to the Tangent children. AKO Capital has today about 70 employees and manages around 17 billion dollars. The money, among other universities, charitable foundations and pre -.

the public Sector to the AKO has at times made it far better than the market in general, and the Pliers have several years had wages and suksesshonorarer of many hundred million kroner.

Through the years, he has built up a milliardformue. According to Dagens Næringsliv, he has earned 7.2 billion dollars since 2005.

Tangen says all ties to the AKO will be broken when he starts in its oil wealth.

Nicolai Tangen is also a trained chef, and says the treasury has much in common with it to stand in the kitchen:

– Man is somehow not better than the last pannekaka, ” he says.

the Pliers are also known as kunstsamler, and he has donated a large collection to Kristiansand kommune – but also met with critical questions in the connection:

Nicolai Tangen about kunstsilo-criticism: – It is experienced sought and unreasonable, the Governor is not in doubt

the Governor Øysten Olsen says the bank had many strong candidates on the block, both men and women, but that when the executive board took its decision of two days ago, the executive board is not in doubt.

Governor Øystein Olsen

Photo: Eagle E. Borgen / NTB scanpix

– He has good rolleforståelse, he has excellent management skills and is analytical strong, ” says Olsen.

He also points out that the Environment has succeeded in creating a performance culture, and that he has a strong motivation for the post:

– He has good reflections about how he is in dialogue with our political authorities, the executive board and not least in cooperation with the NBIMs many skilled workers, will organize and develop the fund, ” says Olsen.

the Outgoing chief Yngve Slyngstad has met the Pliers many times in the professional context, and the Environment has delivered a lecture on the management of conferences arranged by Norges Bank.

– Nicolai Tangen is exceptionally engaged, knowledgeable, and insightful investor, ” says Slyngstad.

He believes the hiring is something the fund’s employees is going to appreciate it.