On Monday, has been discovered by a police patrol in Apple’s VD three dead people. An investigation has been initiated, the exact circumstances of this tragedy, to determine. “The investigation is still underway, the cause of death we can say nothing,” says Cédric Pittet, spokesman of the Kapo Vaud, at the request of a VIEW.

A local resident had alerted against 21.45 clock in the forces, because he had found in the neighbor’s house for a few days, no more, say it in a message to the police.

arrived In the house, spotted the officers, a man and a woman and a 13-year-old Boy. In the case of the dead it’s supposed to be Belgian nationals. The police according to its own information of a family drama. “The act must have already occurred a few days prior to the Fund, so presumably last week. The exact point in time, we could not determine but,” says Pittet. Signs of a use of force of arms there was, therefore, so far. (vof/ct)

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