The belgian soccer and, Today, we will know which of the Belgian professional clubs and a license to get it, and what is not. A lot of teams should certainly be worried. The man called last week, no less than eleven teams in on the mat in order of their bid to account for it. Particularly the financial demands, make for problems.

in Spite of the coronacrisis the man zichniet mild up. However, following the measures taken by the authorities, that the postponement of the payment of grants to those who are clearly financial implications of the coronacrisis the first-hand experience. In practice, this means that, for instance, the clubs that are on their payroll before the end of January will not be paid in full, was not expecting it.

See also the lack of clarity about the licentiedossier If K

, But that’s where the ‘goodness’ of man as well.The Clubs for the coronacrisis is already in a bad paper, were, will not be in compliance you should consider. It is assumed that the current state of emergency, not as an opportunity should be taken to the clubs on the ship that have been in heavy problems.A football club has to be in accordance with the license terms, and its continuity may be proved. Therefore, to prove that they can, over a period of 18 months, to be viable it is.