The 33-year-old Stephen Murphy is a professional Model, was Mister Boston in the UK. And: He is wanted by the police. For the hunt for Murphy, the police of the County of Lincolnshire used a tracing image. However, this does not fit to the Searched at all. He finds it a little flattering.

published in a local newspaper about the find Murphy an Online article, bursting the collar. He commented on the article and demands that you should use a better photo of him – with sends in a new Selfie.

cat-and-mouse game with the police

Murphy would have at 9. July, in court to appear. There, he showed up before but never has it appeared, in a hurry. On Facebook let Murphy declare that he would rule the city. In addition, he will go only to the police, if he wants to.

Since then, he’s playing with the police a veritable cat-and-mouse game, as the news portal “Metro” writes. Again and again he shoots photos of police cars and published them on Facebook. He writes for example: “I know where you live.” Murphy has not yet been taken – apparently because he has no fixed abode. The local police are looking more for Clues to his stay.

The most beautiful criminals of the world

Murphy, however, is not the first criminal who makes his wanted picture the headlines. The American Jeremy Meeks after his arrest in 2014 even the Internet Star. He was convicted of illegal firearms possession, to 27 months in prison.

His police photo went but then viral and earned him many female Fans. In the meantime, he works as a Model and movie offers to be with him already on the table.