The police in England caught a man who broke the curfew, and with the car on the way to London. The father of two children, came from Nottingham, allegedly, he had been with his children on the way to buy in London bread, which is a pound cheaper. On your Twitter Account the police posted the bizarre case.

man of two criminal charges

collected is not reported, The bill was in any case: How the British newspaper “The Independent”, received a show of the man is equal to two criminal. As a result of the breach of curfew and for speeding. The first violation alone was punished with a penalty of the equivalent of around 68 euros, the second had yet to be a court of law. The route from Nottingham to London is also a round trip of 380 kilometres. A Twitter User commented, amused: “Someone should have told him that it is still cheaper to bake his own bread.”

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