The Law Professor John Pfaff from New York on Saturday night, a surprising discovery: In the attic of his parents he found a 30-year-old Apple IIe Computer. The biggest Surprise: He was able to turn on the unit after all these years still to serve.

On Twitter, John Pfaff wrote: “I am so happy that this discovery has brought forth for so many people so many good memories.”

the sale was set up in 1993

The Computer Apple IIe was the third Model in the Apple II series and came out in 1983 on the market. In this Version, the full functionality of the keys Shift and Caps Lock was announced, as well as the use of uppercase and lowercase letters. The sale of all Apple IIe models have been set up in the year 1993.

Stunned, the New Yorker tweeted: “This Computer must be 30 years old. I feel like a 10-Year-old. The device reported that I should load an old game disk. Then it asked if I want to restore a saved game again and it worked.”

letter from father to it

found that He had made the game “Adventureland”, which was released in the year 1978 by Scott Adams. The play “a million goods”, “Neuromancer” and “Olympic Decathlon” he had found on the disks.

While the floppy was looking through, he found that they saved copies of his High School responsibilities and a letter from his now deceased father. “Almost exactly a year ago my father died. It is amazing to see something so ordinary from him. This letter he has written to me in 1986 when I was 11 Years old at summer camp.” (frk)