Police enlightened in the aftermath of the incident that the man was critical and life threatening injured and was rushed quickly to the hospital.

They can’t currently say anything about what has happened or whether the subject of the case.

the Clock 05.50 today received a police message from the witnesses about the incident, which should have happened in the home in Gjøvik centre.

INVESTIGATION: Police make investigations on the spot in Gjøvik centre.

Photo: Lars Erik Skrefsrud / NRK

Where we get pretty quickly the control of a woman in the 20 years that we manage to put in the context of a serious voldshendelse that we find out of the right thereafter, said Haagen Løvseth with the police today.

the Woman who is now charged with murder is an acquaintance of the police.

Investigation of

In a press release, write the police that the relatives of the man are not notified.

BLOCKED: Police have blocked off an area and doing research now.

Photo: Lars Erik Skrefsrud / NRK

They have started with the investigation and do more research on the place in Gjøvik centre.

Police said earlier today that they did not know the identity of the man who now is dead.

A neighbor Oppland Arbeiderblad has talked with, says he heard the event, but discovered it happened when the offended person was outside the house.

the Newspaper also writes that other neighbours woke up by what happened, and then the woman with the bloody clothes were taken by the police.

the KILLING: It happened in Gjøvik centre and a woman in their 20s is it ” murder.

Photo: Kylie Nygard Tvilde / NRK