An intoxicated man took the night to Wednesday a really bad decision.

He committed vandalism on a police station.

It writes the east Jutland Police.

It was at 00:50 on the night of Wednesday, a 31-year-old man was arrested in front of the police station in the Ridderstræde in Aarhus C, denmark.

An employee that was at work at the police station heard the sudden something struck against a glass pane. Him and a colleague went out to see where the sound came from.

It turned out that the sound came out the front door, where the 31-year-old man stood and knocked on the door and a window with a chain.

The two policemen arrested immediately the man, and when they visiterede him, it appeared that the man also had a knife and a lump of hash, which he also was charged for possession.

in Addition, he was terms of vandalism against the police station, as the chain had made marks in the door and the window.