the Man came to Norway from Sweden 25. march and was therefore required two weeks in quarantine. In

over the past few days police have been in contact with the man a number of times several different places in Oslo.

the Night of Saturday, he was involved in a public nuisance at Alexander Kiellands plass. On the night of Sunday, he was stopped in a car with five people, where leads were drunk. Night to in the day, he was in the same car with other people, ” says operasjonsleder Vidar Pedersen of the Oslo police district to NRK.

the Man was apprehended and put in jails. He is being prosecuted for violation of the smittevernloven, according to operasjonslederen.

Pedersen tells that the man got karantenereglene thoroughly explained when he arrived in the Uk 25. march. He tells that the police look serious on the matter.

– This is not okay and not the way people should behave in these times.

the Man is 22 years and is known by the police from before.