A man is accused of cheating more people and companies that would buy håndsprit on the web.

at the same time, justice minister Nick Hækkerup (S) announces tougher penalties against coronasvindlere, inform the Police on Wednesday afternoon, to have seized a fake website that advertised to sell håndsprit.

On the website was advertised with that håndspritten would be delivered within three to five days, after the order was submitted and paid.

But several police districts have received reviews from citizens and businesses, who believe that they have been cheated by the website, writes the police in a press release.

Copenhagen Police initiated in collaboration with the Rigspolitiets National Cyber Crime Centre, NC3, an investigation of the case.

The fake website was seized, and on Wednesday, led the investigation for the search of an address on the isle of Amager, where a man was arrested and charged with computer fraud.

the Man’s computer equipment is seized and will now be investigated by the NC3 to use for an upcoming criminal case.

– In this time, where we all feel the consequences of coronavirus/covid-19, there is apparently still criminal, who is ready to exploit the needs of citizens to protect themselves and each other against infection, says vicepolitiinspektør Peter Reisz from the Copenhagen Police in a press release.

– It is not only criminal, it is also deeply unsympathetic, and we must crack down on.

It shows you that there is a good reason to pay extra attention to websites that utilize coronavirus-situation, and that many demand håndsprit and protective equipment, the sounds from the police.

– The good advice is to investigate companies and their websites, as well you can, says Claus Birkelyng, inspector at National Cyber Crime, in the press release.

– But even if you do it, it can be difficult to figure out, for there are backers out there who do everything they can to exploit the coronavirus situation to deceive others, and of course, it is something we keep extra eye on for the time being, he continues.