Malyshev told about the dangers of excess weight during coronavirus

the Doctor of medical Sciences, TV presenter Elena Malysheva told about how dangerous excess weight during a pandemic coronavirus. During the live broadcast in Instagram it said that people who are obese, have the disease, which can cause complications.

According to Malysheva, at risk are not only very elderly, but people with a “wild obesity”. The doctor is confident that those who suffer from such problems, there are at least four diseases that put them at risk during a pandemic.

the First of these Malysheva called restrictive lung disease. Presenter claims that people with obesity can’t breathe in to straighten your lungs pressing on them fat. The second problem she decided to stop breathing in my sleep. According to her, this affects all people who are overweight.

in addition, the doctor stated that all people with obesity have hypertension, and most diabetes. “What the hell bodypositive guys?” — concluded the leader.

Earlier, Malyshev, responding to a question about how dangerous coronavirus, called it one of the most beautiful viruses. My point of view, she explained that the average age of deaths due to the coronavirus — 79-a-half years, and the children they hardly hurt.