Malyshev explained in miracle

TV presenter Elena Malysheva has explained why he considers the coronavirus “miraculously wonderful”.

How to write “Rambler” during “live” in Instagram Malysheva called the new type of coronavirus, one of the most beautiful viruses in history, because they almost never get sick children and the average age of the deceased is of 79.5 years.

the “Miracle”: Malysheva about the coronavirus

These words caused a flurry of criticism of the presenter, however, she decided not to abandon his opinion.

Malysheva again brought international statistics. According to her, the data accumulated during the epidemic in China, Italy and the USA show almost zero mortality of children up to 10 years and that people under the age of 20 years do not fall in the intensive care unit.

“That is, young people get sick but get sick easily. Certainly, it is a great happiness that children, and people under 18 years are children, not sick. In this sense this virus is an absolute miracle,” she said in comments to RIA “Novosti”.

According to the presenter, from measles in the world killed 150 thousand children, 350 thousand were disabled.

“it is Bitter, because sick people of any age. But if, God forbid, are now sick and dying children, it would be a real tragedy,” – said Malyshev.