If the mom and dad to see! Malia Obama (20) spent with her Girlfriends for a long weekend in Miami – and let it be there, good to go: As the daughter of a former U.S. President, Barack Obama, (57) and Ex-First-Lady Michelle Obama (55) is to be seen here, as you pour yourself at the Pool of a Five-star-Hotels Rosé. Just stupid, that Harvard is not allowed to drink student even at the age of 21 alcohol in the United States is allowed.

1000 Dollar per night,

Malia, the first on 4. July 21 years old, took it not so closely and enjoyed with your Girlfriends, a glass of the drop “Whispering Angel”. Cheap the sauce of the student was not, by the way: According to “Daily Mail” cost of a room at the luxury Resort, whose Name is not known, approximately 1000 dollars per night.

Malia’s friend Rory Farquharson (20), with which it is for about a year, wasn’t at the Pool Party. The Englishman has also studied at Harvard University in Boston. (kad)