‘Ludicrous and meaningless’.

these are some of the words, as Malene Hasselblad user for the murder of his mother, who is a part of the case on the ‘World-killer’.

In Tuesday’s premiereafsnit of ‘Seriemordene on the Fringes’, which is sent on Viaplay and TV3, Malene Hasselblad back in the apartment, where her mother was murdered.

Here it is difficult for the daughter to keep the tears back, when she’s going through the mother’s statement.

“It was meaningless in advance, but this here makes it just even more pointless. It is grotesque. I’m so angry. My mother has apparently been slain for the fucking junk food, biografture, taxature and other completely irrelevant things.”

so says a clearly touched Malene Hasselblad, when she returns to her deceased mother’s apartment.

In programserien ‘Seriemordene on the Fringes’ follow Malene Hasselblad through the investigation, which stretches over a year as well as during the trial where she must testify against his mother’s killer.

On 8 march 2019 was her 81-year-old mother, Inez Hasselblad, was found dead in his apartment at Vangehusvej in the us.

the Police stated only that there was talk about a natural death.

But the daughter sensed quickly that there was a crime behind, since there were still raised on his mother’s debit after her death.

It was later revealed that the 27-year-old James Schmidt, who now stands accused of having beaten Inez Hasselblad to death, stole her debit and used it to great and small after the crime.

According to the indictment in the case, he reached to abuse the card 86 times for a total 94.011,31 pounds in three days, before he was stopped.

In december last year accused Police James Schmidt for three killings committed in February and march 2019 at Østerbro in Copenhagen.

A mentalerklæring of the 27-year-old accused shows that the conclusion is frighteningly clear: He is lethal.

“He has profound psychopathic traits with high risk of new crime. He seems quite unaffected by the current case and the gravity of the case,” noted the psychologist, who was behind mentalundersøgelsen.

the Trial began on 3 march, and the announcement has been expected judgment in may. It is known, however, about the current coronakrise will affect this.