resident of the American city of Detroit, Michigan, 26 years spent in prison on charges of murder and was exonerated after a DNA test. This publication reports the Detroit News.

In June 1994 will Kampung (Willa Bias) was found shot to death in his home. The Prime suspect was her stepson, 19 — year-old Latino Hamilton (Lacino Hamilton). In January 1996, he was convicted and jailed for 80 years, with the possibility of parole after 50 years.

Hamilton said that he didn’t commit murder, but the court found him guilty based on the testimony of another inmate that in order to achieve a mitigation of justice towards himself stated that the suspect pleaded guilty.

the Prisoner filed in the various courts of appeal with a demand to reconsider the charges, but to no avail. He sent about five thousand letters to human rights defenders with a request to clarify his situation. One of the letters received Claudia Whitman (Claudia Witman) non-profit organization working to help innocent prisoners.

Lawyers Losino Mary Chartier (Chartier Mary) from Chartier/Nyamfukudza (Chartier/Nyamfukudza) together with his colleague Takurou Nyamfukudza (Takura Nyamfukudza) fought for his release.

Two years ago, representatives Chartier contacted recently formed with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office Unit to ensure the reliability of the prosecution to seek review of the case and test were kept in a Detroit police DNA material taken from under the fingernails Kampung. The victim fought off her attacker before she was shot, and DNA samples could be used as evidence.

When Hamilton was condemned in the 1990s, DNA testing was not yet widely adopted in judicial practice. The Prosecutor and counsel American not reported the presence of samples. Spent 26 years later met the test of Hamilton.

Judge Tracy green (Tracy Green), which dropped the charges against Hamilton, apologized for the fact that the case had to be revised so long. “Two years, during which there was a revision of the case is a very, very long time to stay in prison. I’m sure it’s even harder for an innocent man,” said green.

After his release from prison, Hamilton was greeted with hugs around Golf courses the students of law school who helped organize the review.

Hamilton said that in the first place want to enjoy the joy that he can once again walk down the street, take a shower and talk on the phone without the interference of a neighbor cell. Ex-convict plans to participate in the work on the reform of the judicial system that innocent people never find themselves behind bars.