Isolation is a challenge for any family, even friendly and loving. But the worse is where one of the spouses is mentally unbalanced or prone to violence and sadism.

a Resident of St. Petersburg Tatiana (name changed – Ed.) spoke about the nightmare that became her life with her husband, from which the isolation was made of a monster.

– Andrey (the name is changed Auth.) living together a little over two years. I thought that during this time knew him well enough, but Oh, how wrong I was! Andrew, officer middle management, very controlling and rigid. I saw that the person he is nervous, quick-tempered, really scared when a couple of times heard him talking on the phone with subordinates. And she got used to the fact that when the husband is in a bad mood, he’s even on the eyes not to fall. If not in spirit, and could cuss out a three-story for no reason, and to organize a wild cry due to the fact that I without warning went into his room, and rude to swear for dinner, which he did not like. He generally was always pretty rude, and when not in the mood, just in the ham turned.

– But not dissolved?

– So to hit, this was not. However, once in a bad moment we ran into him in the hallway and he’s screaming “what are you always under boot!” with a force pushed me, I hit my elbow on the wall. But then, when cooled off, even apologized, that rarely happens. In short, to live with him because of these unpleasant moments was not easy, but possible.

why do you think in isolation, he turned into a monster?

– We have to be together around the clock, the division was transferred to Andrew udalenku, he now works from home. Although we have a fairly large apartment, to disperse on different rooms without problems, still often face. The mood of the husband is almost always bad, he endures isolation and very nervous because of work, apparently he got in some kind of trouble. And I’m telling you – in a bad mood he had always several.

our First nightmare happened. He worked in his room, and I called him for dinner. He did not respond, after a couple of minutes I knocked. Again silence. Then I opened the door and said that dinner was on the table. He jumped up and yelled obscenities that I didn’t have to enter it when I call, but then went into the dining room and sat down at the table. I had to keep my mouth shut, but it was a shame, and I told him something that I tried to cook, and he did not appreciate. Though I’m not a servant… Then his eyes literally bloodshot, he shouted that dinner I made cheesy, is it impossible, and threw a plate on the floor. Food spilled on the carpet, and it is about��algal was yelling that the servants he is such an incompetent as I am, would never have taken. I took a rag and began to wipe up the floor, and he was screaming that I messed the carpet. Then again, I could not stand and said that the plate he threw, and all this dirt from him. Said – and immediately regretted it, because it swelled the veins on his forehead, he literally roared, rushed at me, rubbed my face in the carpet, pressed it to my head and began to shout: “Lick all the language, bitch!..”

– And you forgave him that?

– Not to forgive – he to me about it and didn’t ask – but in that situation decided to remain silent. That could be done? To leave home I have no place, guests now no one is happy and offended, and accuse him – only to run into a new fight. Of course, I decided that after the quarantine, put my husband’s condition – or he changes his behavior, or we split. But it’s after the quarantine, not now.

But your tactics have to be silent, not to run and to endure still did not work?

Oh… a Week ago I’m really even scary to remember, and tell embarrassing. I don’t all the time sit at home, sometimes go – to the store, or just to get some air. And see here – Andrew is mad as hell catches me, clearly trying to make a scandal. I decided to go out. Got dressed – he had heard, ran into the hall, roared: “Kudaaaa???” I say to the store, come back when you cooled off. Why is he so infuriated these words, I don’t know… But my husband grabbed me by the collar, pushed, tore off my jacket, which I have already put: “Look, she dressed! Well, I said no!” I took off my neckerchief, a jacket. He yells: “Next!” I ask – in what sense? He Said, “Naked!” Why, they say. He – because I said so! Began to roughly strip off my clothes, I was scared, I undressed myself. He knocked me down and practically raped. I was hurt, badly, and when it was over, I cried. “What whining?” – asked the man. Then I could not stand, cried – because I don’t want you, don’t want sex with you! “Oh, don’t want to? again he shouted. Now I want to!” Tore my robe, which I wanted to wear and began to demand that I crawl naked in front of him and pleaded with him about sex… It was so terrible, absolutely insane, I was scared that he would kill me, and began to crawl and beg… All can’t stop…

And then?

Then he calmed down, as usual. Do you not ask forgiveness, but acknowledged that it was too much, but, they say, well, you got me, you know what comes over me sometimes…

– are You still with him?

– And where am I to go? Parents can’t leave, they live in Lithuania, and the border is closed. To rent an apartment? Will be removed until he finds out, freak out, do not know what I will do. The end of quarantine move out, file for divorce, of course. And we’ll have to endure…

meanwhile. Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova 5 may asked to cancel the skip for victims of domestic violence, because they must be able at any moment to go to the crisis center or the police Department. She noted that during isolation, the number of cases of family violence has increased 2.5 times. Only trouble is – the crisis center during the epidemic are closed.