Makes no sense to buy ten kilograms of flour

it is said about the potential for distance learning students, and that such citizens, like my husband, who was recently abroad in poor countries, coronavirus, should stay home. But first to inform the service “112”.

by the Way, after talking with the staff Kemerovo “hot line” expect that we’ll come the men in white coats or at least by phone will inquire about our health. Not come, not interested.

So continue to keep the quarantine on their own initiative.

9-day self-isolation.

“and who controls you?” – I hear a wary questions from friends. Yet – no one does. At least for us. And how many people? The only hope for self-conscious.

Photo: Ilya Timin/ RIA Novosti How to protect yourself from coronavirus running man

“we must Begin with ourselves. About labor feats is not needed. If you feel some discomfort – you should not go to work, it is better to consult a doctor and undergo appropriate examination,” gives advice to the Governor Andrei Travnikov.

Distracted from official releases for a chat with friends. The theme of – purchase in stores. Everything you see, read what is happening in the shops of European cities. And we? “We have no panic. The shops have everything. But at home it ended, so today I bought some cereals, oils,” writes a friend from Sochi.

But there are other records. “In the supermarket in the center of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok there are not many canned fish, infant formula. I want my husband to send for stew”, “Buckwheat is only found in the package for cooking, there is no cheap noodles and good rice.” “Grandma buy a large pack of toilet paper and a shy smile” … I Read and could not believe my eyes. It’s getting to me the message: “over the weekend we purchased 10 pounds of flour, 20 cans of corned beef and canned fish”. Now I know who to contact if something happens. I only wish the flour bug “eats” – 10 pounds quickly the cakes, but the pancakes will not turn, and does not digest. A waste of money.

Photo: Eugene Vadim epanchitsev/RIA Novosti the Ministry gave recommendations to combat coronavirus shops and restaurants

Such purchases to explain to older people that a lot of things survived in the Soviet period and after, when the shelves were totally empty. But what comes across on open spaces of social networks, I want to put a high fence. At times, we do not understand what our word will respond…

Call the regional Ministry of industry and trade. How are you going to resist? In such cases, to act the way we shop? “According to major retailers – get an official response – the situation in the region stable normally. The stock is normalized within the seasonal demand, the replenishment of the stores in the normal mode. In case of special need of the trade network confirmed their readiness to increase the supply of a wide range of goods, including necessities, to their commercial areas. The increase in prices not related to the market trends, it is not revealed”. People I trust have confirmed that there are no empty shelves.

Called from work. And I got the racing driver with the parcel. What a pleasant and long forgotten feeling of expectation of something extraordinary, when you receive the parcel! Friends and employees of one of the marketplace has decided to support me and gave a bunch of vivid details and Goodies. Well, that electronic services are not subject to viruses. And with excitement and panic need to be careful. Of course, if 100 people at a time will run to one store for bread, it will not.