Bengal tigers fighting each other, the modern man fights against pimples, redness, and aging. Who’s the luxury problem as well, is debatable. What promises but universal relief, is an Asian herb called Centella, German tiger grass, which is praised in Ayurvedic medicine for ages.

In this skin the sun goes on

Because, note, it can and has virtually everything we need for a regular skin image: tiger grass stimulates the cell growth, with the result that the skin is renewed faster. In addition, it is full of Chlorophyll. The green stuff that we have heard of times in the Biounterricht, forms a beautiful, revitalizing and protective layer for the skin. Check! A wound-healing and anti-bacterial Superpower that helps us, especially in eczema, acne and sunburn. In addition, tiger grass as a Booster for the formation affects the vessels of peripheral blood. Tired skin shines so, like the Indian sun. As it stimulates also the production of collagen, may we hope for eternal youth.

The conclusion: if you treat yourself to the whole animal a little bit of skin tone-correcting Centella, for the Foundation’s soon unnecessary. Reddened Spots, a dull complexion and any battle scars are a thing of the past. Well played, Tiger.

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