Wedding planning is stressful, but with a little help, all brides can have their dream wedding. The modern wedding is less about going to the church and more about choosing the theme, the dress and the reception venue. For celebrities, the wedding is an extravaganza in an exotic place, for example, Idris Elba had a three-day wedding in Morocco. Weddings nowadays are about breaking traditions and protocols, and if the Duchess of Sussex did it, then there’s no reason the other brides shouldn’t.

The 2020 bride wants three things, a gorgeous dress to show her strong personality, a wedding theme to stand for the couple’s values, and an eco-friendly overall wedding.

So here are the hottest wedding trends for 2020.

Let’s start with the wedding dress

Women have always dreamed of wearing a princess white gown on their big day, and it looks like in 2020 fashion brands return to the fairy tale dress. The bridal designers Phillipa Lepley states that more and more brides choose cathedral length veils and big princess dresses adorned with soft lace. Women prefer clean lines for their dresses because they want the design of the gown to complement their natural beauty.

Let’s take for example Elie Goulding’s wedding gown, which will definitely serve as inspiration for many brides-to-be. It featured a Victorian-style high neck, with a corset that refined her waist. Hailey (Baldwin) Bieber also worn a dress, fashion magazines expect to set the tone in 2020.

Having two dresses is another thing we expect to see in 2020, since brides like the Duchess of Cambridge, the Duchess of Sussex, Elie Golding, Chiara Ferragni and Sabrina Elba wore at least two gowns for their special day. Brides cannot decide to a single dress, and they are opting for a second or even third dress for the reception to transform their look.

Our tip is to wear a white gown for the ceremony and then to switch it to a blush or nude one for the reception to mimic the tone of the skin.

Flowers allow couples to use their imagination and create something unique

Customisation is the secret to make a wedding stand out, and flower arrangements allow for great personalisation. Florists expect couples to ask for informal flower arrangements in 2020 because they prefer relaxed weddings. Brides have started to opt for unpackaged bouquets, accessorised with wedding ribbons, cotton flowers, pearls, dry flowers, and wild fruits. Lots of fragrance and unstructured designs are expected in 2020.

Because people prefer sustainable wedding solutions, not only the fabrics for the clothes and the straws guests use to sip their drinks are expected to be eco-friendly, but also the flowers. So brides will no longer want peonies in the middle of winter, they’ll prefer seasonal blooms, dried flowers and even wildflowers. Some couples choose to plant their own flowers the months before the wedding if they have enough room in their back yard.

For the couples who prefer to have their wedding at home, event planners can hire a garden designer to create a beautiful setting. They will let the grass grow, plant flowers and before the wedding day mow a path through the grass and flowers to guide the guests to the marquee they install in the back of the house. Living plants are also expected to be a hot trend the following year because people prefer to opt for potted succulents offered as favours, potted wildflowers as table flower arrangements, and even a foliage archway for the ceremony.

Because most of the brides prefer bohemian themes for their weddings, the above flower arrangements work perfectly for their special events.

The décor completes the wedding

All brides have a theme in mind when they start planning a wedding, but they always base their themes on the trends Pantone and wedding magazines set. But because Pantone hasn’t revealed yet the colour of the year for 2020, it’s expected brides to use plenty of mint shades when they create the décor for their wedding.

It’s expected couples to opt for rich patterns and mixes of textures to create a cosy atmosphere for their reception. Sofas will take the place of chairs to allow guests to relax after dancing under the fairy lights. Because more and more weddings are organised in outdoor venues it’s expected indoor furniture to be moved outdoors to give the décor a more comfortable touch. Rattan vintage chairs and velvet sofas are only some of the items, venues will bring outdoors to create rich and textured decors.

Sustainable weddings

Weddings are famous for the food waste they produce, and people are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact by organising sustainable events. Princess Eugenie organised a plastic free wedding because she is concerned about her ethical influence on the planet.

Some people will say that they don’t have a royal budget to plan an eco-friendly wedding, but they don’t need one if they carefully plan every one of the steps they make. There are countless ways to make a wedding sustainable, from finding a catering company that collaborates with local ethical providers for rough aliments to buying wedding stationery made from recycled paper and growing their own flowers.

And if couples are looking for some unique favours, they can make a charitable donation to a local organisation or even ask their guests to donate to a charity instead of buying the traditional gifts newly-weds receive.

And last but not least, the Cake

People don’t skip one tradition, the cake. Some celebrities serve multiple cakes at their weddings, but the average couple doesn’t afford to buy more than one cake for their special day, so they should focus on purchasing one that meets their wedding theme. If in the past people preferred fondant cakes, nowadays they choose cakes that look more like works of art than sweets. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex preferred to serve lemon and elderflower to their guests so couples can inspire from their choice.