For more than 20 years, Gabriele Sabbioni used in Airolo TI a mailbox. It originally belonged to his father. When he died six years ago, kept the jewels of the tray. Time would be more or less letters. For the Post, but this is not enough.

In April, she informed him in a Letter that, on average, less than three shipments per day would be in the tray. In the future, a fee of monthly 20 franc will, therefore, for the mailbox due.

Indignant customer. Gabriele Sabbioni to find the pretty the mark: “Should I order now about intentionally any promotional brochures to the mailbox?” The Post have yourself taken to ensure that the tray will no longer be used. Package shipments would be brought home instead of in the mailbox deposited.

Swiss-wide fee

The Post justified the nationwide fee, the postal traffic was greatly diminished. “Today, only about half of the physically existing mailboxes is occupied in the whole of Switzerland. More and more mailbox systems can not be operated economically,” says Post spokeswoman Masha Foursova.

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Three shipments per day to receive postal customers that already have a mailbox, if you want to avoid the fee. For new customers, there are even five items.

An exception is the Post only, if someone lives outside of a permanently inhabited settlement. Then a free account may be requested, regardless of the number of addressed shipments.