Even though it’s Monday cost her a fyreseddel from the post of ambassador for Psoriasisforeningen, then undo the well-known jewellery designer Mai Manniche not his controversial statements about corona-the situation.

she writes in an email to B. T. On his blog, she goes in addition to attacks on the association.

when Asked whether she regret the very public opinions, similar jewellery designer:

“No, it is well-known and common harassment. I feel we are obliged to call for the proportions, when a government doing such a violent intervention that has serious consequences for, for example, psoriasis patients, and seriously ill people,” reads the written reply to B. T.

Both Mai Manniche and her mother, the doctor Vibeke Manniche, the past week has been in a violent storm, after that they are on social media have spoken a lot about coronaepidemien.

Neither the mother or daughter believes, that there is talk about an epidemic, and they believe that the government’s and the authorities ‘ restrictions are too hysterical, and that is to spread anxiety in the population.

It has been a lot of criticism for, which, among other things, led to a fyreseddel from Psoriasisforeningen, where Mai Manniche since the autumn of was ambassador. It informed the association in a press release Tuesday.

“It is the association’s clear policy, that we – in the highest degree in these times – must provide full support to our authorities, and loyally to follow the advice being given to restrict the spread of infection by the new corona-virus.”

“Why can’t we live with one of the association’s collaborators, Mai Manniche, spread stories, who tries to talk the crisis down. It is the association’s view, directly undermine the health care system, we are so dependent on. And as an association, we must of course relate to the messages and find that our attitudes can not meet,” said chairman Sten Svensson.

Mai Manniche, who only wanted to answer written questions from B. T., understand, however, not the association’s decision:

“No – no way. It makes no sense. Contrary it is most peculiar,” she writes.

On his blog raging she, in addition, the association’s decision, which she believes is not handled properly.

Among other things, she believes that the association’s press release was issued the ‘contrary to’ their agreement. She is also not happy with it, the association has said about her in an article.

“So do Psoriasisforeningen in bad faith by sending their press release – and Stone Svensson to express themselves so ugly,” says Mai Manniche, who is so angry that she advises all to cooperate with Psoriasisforeningen.

however, It is not the first time that Mai Manniche has caused a stir with his anger on the social media. In the beginning of February it went out over the two Danish celebrities Søren Danish music awards from Aqua and X Factor judge Thomas Culture, as jewellery designer claimed that she had had a ‘stormy relationship’ to the.

Among other things, claimed she to have had a relationship with Thomas Culture on two weeks, where she went from – in Blachmanns eyes – to be ‘earth’s most fantastic woman for the earth’s most deranged woman.’