Here everything is different: Instead of the well-known, flat Mahjongg Board you have a three-dimensional cube in front of him. So then good luck!

will have to get used To this game also designated Mahjongg connoisseurs only… If not the time in the neck sat. You make a quick game in focus!

this is Mahjongg Solitaire

If you like to play Mahjongg, will fascinate you Mahjongg Dimensions. In the exciting puzzle game another layer is added. Rotate the in the various figures, the stacked dice in the room and you will find the same cubes that are on the pages and by Clicking on can be removed.

Mahjongg Dimensions transports the well-known and popular game in the three-dimensional space. By skillfully Rotate and Select the cube you clear the game field completely and go to the next Level with new challenges. The dice are marked with clear icons and can find. The classic Mahjongg is a traditional game, the wins by the three-dimensional implementation in Mahjongg Dimensions, and in its modern presentation goes back to the Original, the game pieces are stacked.