if the 2020 season is not yet started, is Kevin Magnussen already begun to think of 2021.

Who will expire his contract with Haas, and the introduction of a new regulation. Thus, it may be the last chance, if the dream of grandprixsejre and WORLD cup titles to go in the fulfillment.

“My contract with Haas will expire in principle after this season,” confirms the Danish Formula 1-running for B. T. and continues:

“But Haas has an option on me, so if they want me in 2021, I am locked. Of course, I would like to progress to a big team, for my ambitions of becoming a world champion is still passionate about through, but at the same time I’m also superglad to be with Haas, and if I can’t get to a topteam, can I stay here and continue my development in an environment I know and who I am comfortable with. And just be a part of Haas’ journey, which becomes insanely exciting.”

Because of Magnussen in 2014 came into Formula 1 with the McLaren and was number two in his first race, he was seen as a bit of a future superstar.

“But today I’m no longer one of the drivers, top teams naturally looking at,” he admits.

“I came in Formula 1 in the same both as Verstappen and Leclerc – that is, directly into a topteam. But the McLaren was just not a topteam anymore, since I drove for them. I came in as a really hot name, and I think I delivered well. But the rest is history.”

“Now I’m out of the loop and has been one of the drivers who must get into a topteam from the outside. Like Valtteri Bottas came to Mercedes (as Nico Rosberg unexpectedly stopped after the 2016 season, red.). It made Jenson Button also. And Mark Webber. So I still believe in it, but the chance is less, than at the time I got into Formula 1.”

Magnussens dream of a seat in a topteam moved further away during the christmas holidays.

Here extended Charles Leclerc his Ferrari-agreement up to 2025, and Max Verstappen signed a new long-term contract with Red Bull. This means then also, that Lewis Hamilton looks set to continue with Mercedes.

“But there are still the other three seats in the three topteam. And there are also other team. I am completely open to all possibilities. But as I said, I’m also insanely happy to be at Haas,” says Magnussen and adds:

“I have it such that if I can not win, I would like to be in a team where I can develop myself in an environment I know. It is cool to be with Haas. And yes, we are the underdogs, but we deliver at a much higher level than we should. Also when we are number nine as last year,” says the dane, and continues:

“We should, of course, could not beat Williams, so on the way, it is exciting to be with Haas. If we were to get a top-3 location a day, it would be completely wild, and it would almost make fun of the other team, who spend so much money.”

In the 2019 season ended Kevin Magnussen at a disappointing 16.-place with just 20 points

Australia’s Grand Prix, the season’s first, run the 15. march.