B. T. looking back on the Danish Formula 1-drivers. Today Kevin Magnussen.

There have been many bumps on the road, but today is Kevin Magnussen of Denmark by far the best Formula 1 running.

Where, with his four predecessors in motor sport kongeklasse always talked about, when is Formula 1-the adventure was over, is all the talk on Kevin Magnussen on when he gets the chance in a topteam.

Magnussen Junior is running in his sixth Formula 1 season, and he has been featured in over 100 grandprixer.

His father, Jan Magnussen, reached 25 grandprixer, and the other three Danish Formula 1-drivers was to start in seven grandprixer. Together!

With a supreme victory in the Renault World Series 2013 stressed Kevin Magnussen, he was ready for Formula 1.

McLaren, who for years had trained dane in the team’s Young Driver program, dropped resolutely Sergio Perez to Magnussen, who responded with a sensational second place finish in his very first Formula 1 race, the Australian Grand Prix 2014.

“It was amazing to be number two in my debut, but in retrospect it was also a curse. It turned everyone’s expectations – including my own – up on an unrealistic level,” says Magnussen.

As the McLaren had to make place for Fernando Alonso in 2015, was Magnussen, despite a nice debutsæson demoted to reservekører.

As it quickly became clear that the McLaren in the following year would be bet on the experienced eksverdensmestre Alonso and Jenson Button, left the dane with the team.

On the way out the door, got Magnussen a comment on the ’wrong attitude’ from the bitter McLaren boss Ron Dennis.

About the same message he got, when he a year later also left Renault to write the new contract with his current employer, Haas F1 Team.

At Haas got Magnussen allowed to be themselves.

“I have not the mark something for the wrong attitude or lacked work ethic,” said Haas-team manager Guenther Steiner, after a few months of collaboration.

In its preliminary three Haas-seasons has Kevin Magnussen has established itself in Formula 1. He is now one of the drivers who stand at the front of the queue of drivers who suitor to stand a chance in a topteam. And it-not least because of his uncompromising driving style.

“I think many of the others are a little afraid of me,” he says with a smile.