It was one of the big topics of conversation in last year’s Formula 1 season.

And it also plays a central role in the new season of the Netflix series ‘Formula 1: Drive to Survive’, where the bl.a. comes close to the slightly complicated relationship between Kevin Magnussen and his teamkammerat Romain Grosjean.

Three clashes in the summer of 2019, razor-sharp radiomeldinger and ballademøder with a furious team chief, Guenther Steiner, leaving a picture of two team-mates that hate each other, but it is not, if you ask Kevin Magnussen though.

“In fact, we have a fine relationship. We talk well together, and we do that between the races. Why is it tiring to think that Romain and I are adversaries,” says Kevin Magnussen B. T.

Magnussen tells that he is fine with all the Grosjean family, and that he even plans to spend part of his spare time together with teamkammeraten.

“I’m talking really good with Romains wife, and I also keep much of his children. Romain kitesurfing, and I sail, and we are considering actually do something together, because we both want to. It might also help to remove the image of that we hate each other.”

And radiomeldingerne, where Magnussen and Grosjean on the shift just didn’t work out each other?

“Such is sports. On a football team shouts also at each other out on the course, and teammates are being called idiots and everything else. But when the battle is over, the boots were taken off and sitting in the holdbussen, then it is something else entirely.”

Although Netflix series ‘Formula 1: Drive to Survive’ is entertaining, so give it according to Magnussen not the right picture of the relationship between Haas-drivers.

“It has managed Netflix to catch the here, very sharp moments, where we’ve just taken the helmet of, and in a way it is completely fine, I hope at least that it provides a good picture of how the Formula 1 also can be,” says the dane and continues.

“But at the same time, I also hope that viewers understand that Formula 1 not only is it, you look at Netflix. See the highlights and the lows, and it is this that is most exciting, but all the while you don’t see,” says Magnussen.

And the three clash in Spain, England and Germany last year?

“Romain and I are both ruthless out on the pitch, and we are both wildly passionate. And since our cars are equal, we are often close to each other out on the course. So it is clear that it often is Romain, which is situated on the side of me in the first turn. We must, of course, does not clash, but we are both two drivers, who will be the best, and therefore we are forcing the envelope to the extreme. It can’t turn down.”

In the 2019 season ended Kevin Magnussen at a disappointing 16.-place with just 20 points.

Even worse it went to Romain Grosjean, who only scraped 8 points and ended an overall 18-space.

Australia’s Grand Prix should have been run in this weekend, but the song contest has been canceled. The same applies to the subsequent years in Vietnam and Bahrain and the Formula 1 season comes, therefore, at the earliest, started in may.