there is evidence to suggest that Gene Haas will be tired of Formula 1.

The american multimillionaire threatened on Tuesday to abandon its team in Formula 1, as he went into 2016, although Haas F1 Team was one of the sports success stories of the first three seasons.

Formula 1-the program began to look like a good business, since a fifth place finish in the WORLD cup 2018 triggered large amount of money from the increased tv revenue and a big sponsorkontrakt with energidrikproducenten Rich Energy.

But last year dropped the team down to ninth – and næstsidstepladsen, and the agreement with Rich Energy was terminated, without Haas F1 Team got the promised amount.

It means that it is now again is Gene Haas himself, who pays for the whole Formula 1 adventure. And now the lack of results and incomes also led to Gene Haas has begun to consider whether the Haas team to leave Formula 1.

In the beginning it was just rumors, but after Tuesday’s announcement is the speculation has begun to flourish, and Kevin Magnussen has previously commented on the rumors of B. T.:

“Gene (Haas, ed.) is definitely tired of to be number nine as last year. I may not know how it affects his future, but there is no doubt, that he does not bother to run the Formula 1, if he must take to thank to become the number eventually or andensidst. It, I don’t even have to ask him about, for I know,” says Magnussen and adds, that it is not something he was thinking of:

“It’s not something I have prepared myself, because I don’t think we will be number nine again. 2019 was a one-off. I believe that if we provide the goods, so would like to like to continue.”

In these weeks of negotiating the Formula 1 organization, with the 10 teams of the future.

No teams have currently signed up for the WORLD cup 2021, Formula 1-the organization suggests that you will soon have an agreement ready with all of the current teams.

In 2021 introduces a new regulation, which includes a so-called budget ceiling, which puts an upper limit on how big the budgets of the individual teams are allowed to use on the Formula 1. Budgetloftet sounds at approximately $ 1.2 billion.

“It does not mean that we are given the same opportunities as the big teams, but I think Haas is a team, however, may well get something out of the new rules,” said Kevin Magnussen.