With Kevin Magnussens own words was the first day at the winter test at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya ‘little småkedelig’.

Wednesday was the first to try out the new Haas VF20, and it involved a long working day with no less than 104 laps.

“You are a little brain in your head, because you are ‘on’ all the time. I believe I have had styrthjelmen of one time in the course of the last eight hours,” said Magnussen on Wednesday evening with a smile:

“But it was a good day – I think never, we have driven so many laps on the first testdag. And there wasn’t really anything that surprised me. The regulations are the same as last year, but the car feels better. But all the other teams have also improved their cars. It is about whether we have improved us more than the other.”

Kevin Magnussen remembers too well that the Haas-team 2019-model VF19 also felt really good at the vintertesten a year ago.

“Last year we saw no signs of weakness at the car here at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya – it went really well. So I keep both feet on the ground, and that will surely go a good while before we know how good the new car is. Last year we had the completely forward to the second race in Bahrain, before we realized that we had a problem,” he said.

Haas-the cars fit traditional good to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, where vintertesterne traditionally settled.

“You can say that it is a disadvantage that it is precisely here, we test, for then we discover may not be the problems there may be with the car. So no matter how well this test is going to go, I’ll keep my feet firmly on the ground,” said Magnussen.

But at the same time, he is sure that the Haas team will go significantly up after the disappointing 2019 season.

“the Team has a lot of confidence for what we have achieved in the three-four years, we’ve been in Formula 1, has been extremely impressive. Especially if one takes our resources into account. And perhaps that is why it was so hard to have a bad season last year: All knew that we can do better,” said Kevin Magnussen.

“Personally, I can also improve myself – and this is what I bet on: To become better in all areas. But on a personal level, I feel, in fact, that I had a good season last year. But it can be even better.”

In all cases, warns Him against putting too much weight on the lap times, he and the competition provides under vintertesterne in this and next week.

“You should not fantasize about anything. It is fine to have ambitions and dreams, but now the work has started, and we just need to be professional and work so hard and focused, with the car as possible,” said Kevin Magnussen:

“I would not compare our times with the other center-hold, for I have no idea what they run compared to petrol, tyres and so on. I have an idea that it is again going to be supertæt in midterfeltet – so it gets a 10.-part or two, that determines whether one is number seven or number 14. And it’s going to change from run to run.”

Romain Grosjean takes over the Haas car on Thursday, before the two teamkammerater share of the week last testdag on Friday.

Formula 1-the season begins ‘true’ 15. march, with the first contest in Australia.