In 2018 was Haas number five in the Formula 1’s constructor-the WORLD cup, and last year was the number nine.

In 2018, the year was Kevin Magnussen number nine in the Formula 1 WORLD championship, and last year he was so number 16.

Can Magnussen and his team stop the slump in 2020? Was last season just a blip on the radar or the expression of the team’s real strength?

“If you look at our size and resources, one may well argue that the ninth place last year maybe this is our natural position in the field,” says Kevin Magnussen B. T and continues:

“But how then to explain that we were so good in 2018? In 2018 we actually had a car that was good enough to be number four in the constructor VM. It was not because we were too inexperienced and made some stupid mistakes, but we should have snatched fourth place,” says the Danish Haas-star and continues:

“If you see it on the way, you can say, this year, we should be able to do it better than in 2018, for which we were number five with a not-top performance. But it will not be easy this year, and we are fully aware of that.”

Dropped from fifth to ninth place in 2019 due to the problematic VF19-model. On rare occasions, was blazing fast, and so delivered Him some of his best Formula 1 laps ever.

But too often meant an aerodynamic problem that Haas VF19 never got the tires up to the proper temperature, and so were Kevin Magnussen and his teamkammerat Romain Grosjean capital.

Both Magnussen and team manager Günther Steiner is confident that the new VF20-model does not have the same problems as its predecessor.

“the Team has been reinforced in the course of the winter. There are some really competent people,” says Magnussen.

“But Haas is a team that does not hire people just to be bigger, because we simply can not afford,” says the dane, and continues:

“So the people we hire, are really competent. It is not, because we’ve got a whole army of new people, but there have come people from several of the big team. I can’t name names, but it looks great out.”

Up to last season was Kevin Magnussens Italian race engineer Giuliano Salvi, replaced with Gary Gannon. The briton will continue as the dane’s primary engineer, but his performance engineer, Jose Manuel Lopez, has switched to McLaren.

“So I continue with the same race engineer and system engineer, but my performance engineer is new. I do not actually know who will – he comes from the outside – but by vintertesterne it was our simulator engineer, which could easily fill the role throughout the season. But he is very valuable in the simulator program, so he is going back to it, when the season starts,” says Magnussen.

In the 2019 season ended Kevin Magnussen at a disappointing 16.-place with just 20 points. Even worse it went to Romain Grosjean, who only scraped 8 points and ended an overall 18-space.

the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, the season’s first, run the 15. march.