After just two vintertest-days, it is clear that the 2020 cars will be the fastest in Formula 1 history. Even if you run on a cold track, and the focus right now is on development and not lap times, are close to the allerhurtigste times from the Spanish Grand Prix in may last year.

Multiple drivers predict already now, that the records will be beaten in all the courts. And Kevin Magnussen welcomes: the faster The more fun is the setting.

“And they f… fast!” he said to B. T. about the new 2020 cars.

“keep in mind that there are not yet any that have run on the soft tyres, so it is definitely coming to go strong this year.”

The new cars also increases the demands to the drivers. They will be exposed to even more g-forces in the turns and under braking, but Magnussen feels ready.

“I have done everything I can to prepare myself on the new cars. But I will not conceal from you, that I after more than 100 laps yesterday is a little tired today.”

the Faster cars is also equal to the greater risk. But where Magnussen keen to talk about his joy by running the fastest cars in Formula 1 history, the risk is not a topic of conversation.

“It’s not something I think about. And not something we need to talk about,” he says gently, but firmly.

He expects that the Haas team’s ninth – and næstsidsteplads in the Formula 1 WORLD championship 2019 was a blip on the radar. That this year will once again be able to fight with in midterfeltet, as they did in 2018, where they finished in fifth place.

“At present one can not be sure of anything, but I have a fundamental belief that we have improved the car significantly. Then it’s just a question of how much the other has improved. Already now it seems that the Racing Points in each case has gone significantly forward,” he says.

Just Racing Points, the former scrappy to Haas-the cars reminded too much about the Ferrari. Now run manifest itself the same way and is close to its engine supplier.

“It is as a bit of… fun, that it is precisely them, to now talking about copying their engine supplier,” said Magnussen.